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It’s all about the glass

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Recently, I found myself feeling the cabin fever.  All the rain and chilly weather was driving me absolutely stir crazy!  But what to do? I really wanted to get some photography done, but no way I was taking my gear out in the rain.  While wracking my brain for something to do, I came across a flyer for this year’s Glassfest. With excitement I realized that I would actually be in town for the event this year!  The fact that it was weeks away meant it couldn’t do anything to cure my boredom now, but it did give me the idea to hit up the Corning Museum of Glass. I thought, what better way to pump myself up for this year’s Glassfest than to spend some time at CMoG?

Grabbing my camera, I headed out the door and walked the two blocks to the museum.  On my short walk, I remembered going to CMoG every year as a child on class field trips.  I can still remember the excitement of getting on the bus to go. I wonder if they still have those field trips?
 Corning museum of glassNow, as an adult, I walked into a museum that has greatly changed since the days of running around on those childhood adventures, but to be honest I still felt that old excitement! The museum’s collection has grown into a world renowned one and showcases some of the most elaborate pieces of work I have ever seen.  Room to room, I walked in awe, taking photos of the Gaffer’s masterpieces.  After spending nearly three hours there, and knowing I could have easily spent another three, I decided to call it a day and head for home.
Corning Museum of Glass is open seven days a week from 9am- 5pm until the end of May, after which it will be open until 8pm. It’s only $15 to enter and worth every penny!
Stay tuned for my preview of Corning’s annual Glassfest coming soon! Till then, enjoy the photo gallery of my experience at CMoG!
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