It’s Official: Mint Green will be Out-RAGE-Us!

Officially OutRageUs is a team of dynamic videographers who will be recording interviews, testimonials, and shows in the GROW: Psychedelic Garden at the Mint Green Music Festival. I asked Justin Parkinson of Officially OutRageUs to tell me a little bit about their history and what to expect from them at the fest. Here’s what he had to say:

Officially OutRageUs began as an idea in January of this year at a television station between myself and Zach Wilson, just two people, college friends turned co-workers turned business partners. It was just an idea…

That idea would become a reality when we were able to connect locally with photographer, Dirty Jerz. Dirty Jerz happened to have a connection with the  west coast EDM powerhouse blogazine, RollingTuff. We shot our first video as an initiation, proof that we could do this if we just had a chance. We took a Skrillex tune and wandered around the television studio we worked at, 30 minutes later we had our first ever video.

But it was still just an idea. Then Rusko came to the Washington Armory in Albany. We didn’t have any press passes but we had an idea. We showed up in full gear, on a mission.

Security didn’t let us in with our cameras (of course they wouldn’t) but we came up with a different idea: an unguarded side door. I ran out the door and back to our cars, grabbed all the gear we had: an iPhone, handheld camera, and my SLR. Zach waited by the door and let me back in. Just like that, we were in! We shot everything guerrilla style that night, totally rogue. The video quickly got to 1,500 hits on YouTube. From there, the video and an interview with our crew was featured on the TV show Hello CNY. We set up our Facebook page and website by March. All from an idea.

Our first big shoot was an interview with Conspirator on March 3rd at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse. Here we were, just two dudes who a month before were sneaking gear into a show and now were sitting down with Marc Brownstein and KJ Sawka, musical powerhouses in their own rights. We also met Eliot Lipp and Jeff Bujak that night. That’s when we realized our idea was becoming a reality.

From there we linked up with Sensible Reason for the first time. On March 23 we covered Binghamtronica III and interviewed Archnemesis. The interview was picked up by Camp Bisco, Archnemesis, and RollingTuff. Our material was being shared by the big boys. After that it got easy.

Interviews with Liquid Stranger, Jeff Bujak, Sidney Samson, Run DMT, The Knocks, The Manhattan Project… Shooting sets of Steve Aoki, Excision, The Disco Fries, Day Glow… The resume was building. At this same time we were starting to pick up major steam with local acts in the Syracuse area as well. The idea was now more than just a reality for us.

The website was growing and so were we. Off to Camp Bisco we went. There were lots of other media partners at the festival, but nobody did the work we did. I must have walked 50 miles that weekend. We were shooting sets on the Main Stage in front of thousands of people; sharing the same stage space as Ill-Esha, Revolvr, Stareyes, and DrFameus; chatting with Mux Mool, Blau, The Knocks, and Alpha Data. Nobody did the work we did at Bisco and people recognized. We had always been treated like a media outlet but Bisco took us to a whole new level.

Fast forward to GROW: Psychedelic Garden at the Mint Green Music Festival. What a proper name for the project, GROWbecause that’s what we did and that’s what we are doing. We’re happy to be working with Sensible Reason, a group that helped launch us and good people who stood by us. Raising money through Kickstarter has also been a whole new experience in itself. Things seem to be coming full circle and we can really see the evolution of OutRageUs.

So what can you expect from Officially OutRageUs at Mint Green?

How about an up close and personal look at the artists? We will be sitting down with the likes of Jeff Bujak, Wobblesauce, Sonkin, Horizon Wireless, Archnemesis, Sounduo and more right in the GROW: Psychedelic Garden. Fans will have the chance to see the artists performing and then ask them  questions! Giving you, the fans, an experience you will not get anywhere else.

We will also be providing the festival goer a place to come share their thoughts about GROW, Mint Green, the artists, anything! It will be a confessional booth to tell all your festival sins… If that’s what you choose! Or simply tell us what you love about music, politics, life, whatever!

Officially OutRageUs started as an idea and in many ways it still is. We are and have remained very humble with our growth over a 6 month span. At times it has been a lot for 2 people to handle, but with the support of fans and friends we will continue to GROW. We promise you won’t have an experience like the one we want to give you. We’ll see you at Mint Green. Thanks for all your continued support!

Kristen Grennan

Follow Kristen on Twitter @KristenGrennan Kristen Grennan joined Sensible Reason in the fall of 2010 while living abroad in France. She helped co-manage Binghamtronica Presented by Oxfam and HeadCount in March of 2011 and graduated from Binghamton University in May of 2012. Besides writing for Sensible Reason, Kristen taught English in Le Havre, France and is a backpacking hooper and hippie. Kristen is currently enrolled at Columbia University and is seeking a Masters in Public Administration with a specialization in International Media, Advocacy, & Communications.

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