Jarina De Marco’s #NoDAPL Anthem “Release the Hounds” Is More Relevant Now Than Ever

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Standing Rock protestors can find strength in Jarina De Marco’s “Release the Hounds,” a #NoDAPL anthem meant to empower individuals fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Though Barack Obama halted the construction of the controversial pipeline in Nov. 2016, President Trump quickly shifted gears with an executive order during his first week in office.

“Release the Hounds” is a politically-charged, invigorating epithet against sponsors of the pipeline. Backed by familiar faces like Rosario Dawson, Chris Rock and Laura Gomez, “Release the Hounds” is a strong declaration with more than one purpose.

The track pays tribute to members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, known as Water Protectors, withstanding rubber bullets and freezing temperatures to protect their home. The Sioux Tribe legally resides in the Great Sioux Reservation, which surrounds the Missouri River and sits against the proposed pipeline, since 1868.

Release the Hounds Jarina De Marco

De Marco’s “Release the Hounds” demonstrates a refusal to back down, justified by 500 years of lies, theft and manipulations employed against ancient treaties intended to preserve native lands.

The accompanying video displays a number of hashtags reflecting the Sioux outrage, including #NoDAPL, #MniWiconi (Water is Life), #YouCantDrinkOil and #HonorTheTreaty.

Water Protectors, environmental activists, veterans and allies have organized to stand against the Trump Administration’s recent revival of the pipeline, taking a unified stance echoed in De Marco’s emboldened #NoDAPL declaration.

“Release the Hounds” is De Marco’s compounded expression of support, raising funds and bringing awareness to the Sioux’s efforts.

“After seeing Amy Goodman’s report on the protests at Standing Rock, and seeing footage of private security forces sic dogs on the indigenous water protectors, I felt disgusted, overwhelmed and outraged. It struck a familiar feeling for me. Dogs have been used throughout history by the tyrannical to suppress the innocent, particularly indigenous people, and peoples of color,” De Marco wrote in a statement.

De Marco is a pop force influenced by a global understanding. She spent her childhood traveling through South America, where she garnered an in-depth communion with indigenous culture. She speaks and sings in four different languages.

De Marco is also a descendant of the Taino, an indigenous group destroyed in war and hunted by dogs during the Spanish colonization of the Caribbean. Respect for her ancestors has made her involvement personal.

“I could not believe history was repeating itself and on national television,” De Marco added.

Though the video premiered on NYLON in mid-December, the track serves as a reminder to support Standing Rock protestors as long as the Sioux’s sacred water source remains in jeopardy.

All proceeds from the track will be donated to Stand With Standing Rock to help lower the cost of legal fees, supplies and other necessities. Watch “Release the Hounds” on Youtube or like Jarina De Marco on Facebook for more.

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