It’s Just Craig Gets Set To Drop “Dark Corners”

As we all know, life is full of twists and turns and it is very difficult to predict with any certainty where you are going to end up. However, in the case of the band It’s Just Craig, that may not be completely true. It’s Just Craig started as a planned mid-life crisis just before Craig Helmreich’s 40th Birthday.

Craig ran off to San Francisco with ten songs and six friends, Elijah Ford, John Vanderslice, Marc Ford, Kirsten Ford, Jason Slota, and Rob Shelton. They put those ten songs on two-inch tape at Tiny Telephone and convinced Bernie Grundman to master the record and cut the lacquers. And, with that, Blood On The Table was born; the band’s first album. Now, this quirky band who specialize in goth-tinged, Americana, indie and folk fusion are back with their newest album, Dark CornersCheck out “Goodnight,” the lead single from the upcoming album below.

Having a unique artistic vision for an album is always important, in my opinion. With this latest album, It’s Just Craig captures a certain sense of brooding wonderment that will pique the interest of any indie rock lover. Dark Corners depicts the story of a cargo boat captain and his journey. From the moment he leaves home – both excited and full of reservations – on a sometimes lonely path, getting stranded within view of his destination port, fighting temptations of the sea, struggling with being out of touch with his partner on land, and ultimately deciding whatever it was he was deciding, only to learn that the decision may no longer be his to make.

Craig has a deep belief that music should not be stripped of its soul; and therefore, the band takes a very rugged approach to music production and recording. They approached Dark Corners much like their first album, lots of live tracking, very few takes, minimal overdubs, 100% analog – again Marc Ford is on guitar, Elijah Ford is on bass, piano and electric/acoustic guitars, Craig plays guitar and sings, Jason Slota on drums, Rob Shelton on keys, John Vanderslice producing, mixing and playing keys on “Goodnight” (with Rob Shelton) and adding for this album Jess Von Strantz and Kels Von Strantz on vocals and vocals/cello, respectively.

Dark Corners releases Friday, June 30, 2017 with a show at the HiFi in Indianapolis, IN. CD and downloads will be available that day. Vinyl is expected in August.

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Jabari Kefele

Back by popular demand.

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