lespecial Releases New In-Studio Video For Skrillex Cover

Cultivated in the woodlands of rustic Connecticut, aggressive death-funk dance trio lespecial is an exciting jam band that are on their own unique trajectory. Last Friday, the group released the second edition of their “Cellar Sessions” live in-studio performance videos with an imaginative cover of Skrillex’s “With You, Friends (Long Drive).” lespecial displays a more sentimental, reflective side with this instrumental arrangement of the original EDM/House track. This heartfelt cover is full of nostalgia that will pull you back in time to the very first time you heard this classic tune. While this is certainly one of lespecial’s more subdued projects, you can still feel the band’s raw energy throughout this cover.

Predicated on expert musicianship and an undeniable chemistry, lespecial have established themselves as an exciting and eccentric band to keep your eyes on. Their debut full-length album, Omnisquid, released November 20th 2015, captures the band (at their heaviest,) interweaving dark, heavy, polyrhythmic grooves with head bobbing electronic synths and samplers augmented with fierce, precise musicianship, creating an apocalyptic backdrop for the sci-fi storyline receded by their Ceremony EP (2013) and Playonbrother Sessions (2011). Jonathan Grusauskas (guitar/synth/sampler/vocals), Luke Bemand (bass/synth) and Rory Dolan (drums/sampler) ignore convention, instead amalgamating the familiar styles of Afro-Latin rhythmic traditions, hip-hop, funk and metal into a singular sound that dexterously transforms during their live sets and over the course of their studio albums.

lespecial hones a deliberately primal energy and sonic style to set themselves apart from the herd. You can tell that lespecial draw upon a wide array of inspirations and influences to create a compelling end product. You can connect with lespecial here on Facebook, SoundCloud and their Official Website.  Also, check out the band’s upcoming tour dates below!

2/1 | Philadelphia, PA | Silk City

2/2 | Pittsburgh, PA | The Rex Theatre

2/3 | Columbus, OH | The Bluestone (Vibe in Color)

2/4 | Cleveland, OH | Beachland Ballroom (Winter Werk Out Festival)