Life Is Beautiful Update – Artist Lineup, Culinary Lineup & More

Life is Beautiful is by far our favorite festival that doesn’t include camping. The music lineup is nothing to joke about with headliners like The Weeknd, Florence & the Machine, Death Cab for Cutie, Arcade Fire, Odesza, DJ Snake, Justice, Galantis and a ton more. Downtown Las Vegas continues growing, improving, and looking more amazing by the year as artists take over and create lasting pieces. The art lineup just came out, but there is much more to check out at the festival. The culinary lineup includes food trucks at the festival as well as local area pop-ups everyone should check out. The festival’s comedy lineup brings the likes of Michelle Wolf, Hannibal Buress, and more. Check out all the updates and lineups below, complete with links to more information. You’re welcome.


The world-renowned art at Life is Beautiful is single-handedly changing the face of downtown Las Vegas. The building-sized murals are unbelievable. Artists come from every walk of life and every corner of the world to bring beauty and social and political commentary to not only the festival but the city itself. These murals stay year after year, and if things keep up the whole area will be covered in a few more years. In addition, the art installations at the festival create a unique environment for those attending. The full art lineup dropped on the 21st, check it out below.

More on these artists right here.

Life is Beautiful Art


We all need to eat. Spending the day in the sun walking around and dancing to the music will work up an appetite. Food is very much an art form and Life is Beautiful wants attendees to check out what Vegas has to offer in this tasty form of creativity. From food trucks to pop-ups nearby, the culinary lineup is bound to ensure everyone is happily satiated.

Check out more on the food scene right here. 

Life is Beautiful Culinary


Life isn’t beautiful unless you’re able to laugh. This year’s comedy lineup promises belly laughs in all forms, as well as some other special events you’ll want to catch.

Check out more on these talks right here.

Life is Beautiful Comedy


It wouldn’t be a festival without at least a little bit of music. This lineup is killer, to say the least. We’ll just leave this right here and let you get excited all on your own. Daily lineups are out now to ensure you plan your festival experience accordingly.

Check out daily lineups right here.


Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful hits Las Vegas September 21-23rd. Snag tickets over here!

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