Lightning in a Bottle: a Melting Pot of Delicious Happenings

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As we throw our heaps of clothes into the washer, scrub off the endless layers of dust caked onto our bodies, and sweep out the debris from our tired tents we are left to reflect on our time at Lightning in a Bottle, put on by Do Lab. Lightning in a Bottle sold out yet again and the fiery magic created during years past did not fade but grew during this year’s event. Musical performances, workshops, lectures, yoga classes, and personal experiences were plentiful. Four nights, potentially five if attendees purchased an early arrival pass, might seem daunting to a camping festival newcomer, but the hot days and dance-filled nights flashed by as quick as lightning and the time spent at LiB seemed to go by almost too fast. Lake San Antonio in Bradley, California housed the wild and playful crowd and if you listened close enough, or caught a moment of silence, during the night you could hear wild animals running across the lake bed.


(Photo by Harrison Weinberg)

The addition of an extra “early arrival” day was a great idea and new accommodation from Do Lab family as those who purchased an early arrival ticket were able to arrive on Wednesday to set up their camp and get a feel of the land. The Lucent Temple of Consciousness, The Village, and The Grand Artique were active on Wednesday which provided early birds with workshops and activities so people weren’t twiddling their thumbs at their camp all day. Lightning in a Bottle offers countless micro-environments and what a privilege it was to have these spaces open for exploration on Wednesday; if you didn’t check out some of the juicy nooks and crannies of the festival then you might have missed out on a large part of the atmosphere. What makes Lightning extra special is the hard work, dedication, and commitment that a number of teams have put forth into creating some great spaces to explore like Amori’s, Giggle Juice Cafe, The Learning Kitchen, Highlove Vitality Elixir Lounge, and oh-so many more.

The main stages at Lightning in a Bottle had no lack of face-melting and heart-fluttering music on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. People were found wandering back and forth between the Lightning Stage, Thunder Stage, and The Woogie all weekend and keeping up with a personal must-see list was almost impossible. Since highlighting all of the great music that happened over the weekend is a rather large task, a few of those acts that can’t be ignored will be noted. Grimes on Friday night at the Thunder stage was weird, anime-esque, and a truly unique moment throughout all of the musical acts of the weekend. Everyone’s favorite indie cutie wowed the crowd and left everyone talking.


(Photo by Harrison Weinberg)

The Pumpkin tribute at The Woogie on Saturday afternoon was an emotionally heavy set where the crowd paid their respects and danced in the name of Nicholas Alvarado. Clown noses, memorial pins, and Pumpkin totems were scattered throughout the groups of people twirling around the dance floor and although Nick was absent, it was a beautiful moment in time when many could remember him at the most iconic platform in his career. The Woogie will always hold the spirit of our favorite friend and DJ, Nicholas “Pumpkin” Alvarado. On Sunday night the three hour Lee Burridge set dominated The Woogie with dreamy beats that could only bring a gigantic smile to anyone’s face. Lee Burridge transcends the stereotypical image of house music and can fill any appreciator of music with joy.


(Photo by Harrison Weinberg)

The crowd at Lightning in a Bottle is all over the map. Families with children, burners, adults new to the festival scene and festival junkies are only some of the groups of people that made up the population of the event, but with an attendance of 20,000+ people everyone has their own personal journey on how they ended up at Lightning in a Bottle. LiB is rapidly growing into one of California’s most recognized festivals and it is gaining that reputation for good reason. Yes, enter and exit lines can be excruciatingly long if your timing is off. Yes, some people still can’t grasp the idea of “pack it in, pack it out.” Yes, the location is notoriously hot and dusty. Festivaling isn’t always easy. However, Do Lab really tries to grasp the needs of its audience and tries to listen to all comments, compliments, questions, and concerns. They know their brand, they know their mission, and they welcome everyone.

The sunsets at Lightning are unforgettable and so are the bonds that are strengthened and created within the elements of the festival. If you’ve never been, you may think that LiB might not be your cup of tea; however, let me tell you a not-so-secret secret: you won’t experience anything else like it. Lightning in a Bottle is a vision in the West Coast transformational festival scene.

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