Lineup is Stacked and We’re Getting Stoked for Disc Jam 2016

This year’s upcoming Disc Jam 2016 is highly anticipated to once again be one of the most talent-stocked festivals in the Northeast. From the quality and talent of the artists to the ever-epic sit-ins bound to happen, from disc golf in the trees to the magical woods stage, from the performers and visual artists to the vendors and food trucks, and finally from the production to the fans — Disc Jam has it ALL.


Oh, and did I mention…. pineapples?

Photo Jun 12, 12 30 02

Wiley Griffin at Disc Jam 2015

Some of you may be wondering – why is the festival called Disc Jam

Great question.

The festival, isn’t just a festival. It’s also a Disc Golf Tournament! Get down to your favorite bands while tossing discs through the lovely woods of Stephentown, New York! Collect your team and register now! Disc Jam Disc Golf Registration.


The 2016 lineup is full of regular favorites and new and rising stars. This collection of artists is more than just a festival, it’s a family. At Disc Jam you’ll witness the most electric friendships erupting with passion into auditory bliss. Get ready to witness this passionate madness we call Disc Jam. These artists include, but certainly could never be limited to:

Dopapod (x2), Electron, Kung Fu, Tom Hamilton’s American Babies, Tauk, Pink Talking Fish, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, The Nth Power, Consider the Source (Radiohead set), Gubbulidis (Mihali and Gubb of Twiddle), Govinda, Cappadonna (Wu-Tang), Space Jesus, The Alchemystics, Lespecial, Vibe Street, Congo Sanchez, Hayley Jane & The Primates (David Bowie Set), Soule Monde, El Dub, Wobblesauce, Honeycomb, Strange Machines, Dynamo, Funky Dawgz, Kuf Knotz, Mister F, Electric Love Machine, Formula 5, The Jauntee, Manifested, Teddy Midnight, Litz, Space Bacon, Chromatropic, Lord Electro, Summit, Leila Harrison, Aqueous, Bearly Dead, and Eggy. 

Basically, Disc Jam stacked it up yet again this year and you won’t have time to sleep all weekend, which is expected and welcome when you’re surround by the Northeast‘s finest. With three stages chock full of talent, there’s something for everyone and everything is just for you.


Photo Jun 21, 18 21 58

Hayley Jane and the Primates – Private Acoustic Show – Disc Jam 2015

After you GET YOUR DISC JAM TICKETS, enjoy the tropical disco fruits of your labor and groove to some past, present and future Disc Jam favorites! Stay tuned for more announcements from the festival and Sensible Reason for the awesome weekend ahead.

Electron – “This is your Time – Confrontation – Miracles – Confrontation – Ladies” – Disc Jam 2015

Hayley Jane and the Primates – “Make It Alright” – ft. The Hornitz and Aaron Hagele – Disc Jam 2015

Twiddle – “Latin Tang” Super Jam – Disc Jam 2015


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