Belgian House Impresario Lost Desert Talks Collaborating With Lee Burridge On New Album Melt & All Day I Dream Ethos

Global house music icon Lee Burridge and Belgian studio impresario Lost Desert have continued their longstanding artistic relationship with the release of their debut collaborative album, Melt. Having already released two collaborative EPs—Stand Up Right and K Bug—on Berlin label Get Weird, these two innovators combine once more to craft a project that truly embodies the ethos of Burridge’s All Day I Dream events. Melt is a truly majestic 10-track offering that underlines both DJ’s considerable musicianship and deft production acumen.

As the first full-length release of original material by either artist, Melt marks a huge milestone in the careers of these two industry icons and tastemakers. We had the opportunity to chat with Lost Desert, real name Patrick Bruyndonx, to talk about his collaborative relationship with Lee Burridge, the inspiration for Melt and what it means to be a part of the All Day I Dream family.

Sensible Reason: Can you tell us about the early days of your musical journey? What type of genres and shows first captured your imagination

Lost Desert: One of the first that blew my mind and changed things for me was NewWave. Bands like Simple Minds, Heaven 17, Human league and talk Talk were my main heroes. I still have the original vinyls.

SR: What is the electronic music scene like in your native Belgium and how has it evolved over time. What makes it unique to other parts of Europe and the world

LD: It was and still is banging! The progress there has been about as slow as a bonsai tree growing.

SR: How did you first come to join the All Day I Dream family?

LD: Lee was hiking through the desert and I was out there making weird noises and recording them. We knew destiny had sent us to each other. We soon after got lost in a sand storm and bonded through stories of daring, cooking and reverb. I’m happy we got lost. I can highly recommend it.

SR: How long have you been collaborating with Lee Burridge and what is your favorite part about working with him?

LD: I love his hair cut and seeing it grow daily when we lock ourselves in the studio. I must say I think he is jealous of my long hair. We’ve been working together for about four years already, the favorite thing about our collaboration is the vibe of the music we get to make and then play at the ADID parties around the world. Much better than being locked in a room watching hair grow.

SR: What can you tell us about your joint album Melt? What were some of the inspirations that went into producing the album and what are some of the advantages or disadvantages of working on a collaborative project like this?

LD: It’s a journey. The tracks and the flow themselves take you to magical places… if you don’t have short attention spans, but it’s also a journey of life’s experiences we’ve both had. The push and pull the energy of both personalities that mostly meet in the middle but, at times, swing towards one or the other of our feelings. Let me tell you a little story about the track “We-i-wo-we” When I was very young my mum took me to the fairground and being on the carousel that was playing the Beatles ‘We all live in a yellow submarine’. Spinning around it deformed the music so after a spin or two, I wanted to go back on the “We-i-wo-we” machine. In some weird way, the reversed sounds in the track reminded me of that moment. Yes, I’m weird but inspiration comes from funny places.

SR: As an artist widely respected for your work in the studio what is it like for you going on tour and taking this new project to live crowds around the world and witnessing their reactions?

LD: It’s completion really. Sitting in the studio trapped in or escaping my own mind or feeling emotions can be beautiful but also solitary at times. I work endlessly on ideas and sketches. Once the music is formed taking it out and playing it people completes a circle. Seeing what I hoped would happen, happen is beautiful. Seeing people connect emotionally to emotional music is magic.

SR: What would you consider the best physical setting for experiencing your forthcoming album Melt?

LD: Laying down on something. Perhaps watching the sunrise or set. Falling in love and sharing it with another. Hiking a mountain with it in your headphones. There are so many. A pair of PMC“AML1”  might help 😉

Lost Desert

SR: For those who haven’t had the chance to see you perform live, how would you describe one of your shows?

LD: Loving. A place to wiggle your hips, close your eyes and be transported to a blissful place.

SR: What are your favorite things to do when you are not producing or performing?

 LD: Lately I like to be in my garden or my family’s little forest, plant herbs, be in nature, a must after many days in the studio, airports, hotels etc.

SR: Finally, what are you looking forward to the most for the rest of 2019?

LD: Staying healthy, Making more people happy and going to Burning Man.

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