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Lotus Drops Delivers ‘Cosmic Roots’ February 19

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Bay-area producer and DJ, Lotus Drops, has been fine tuning her melodic, mystical bass chasm beats for twelve years resulting in many dark and delicious mixes and high energy live performances. She has performed alongside the likes of FreQ Nasty, EPROM, Lorin Bassnectar and Deru, and on Tuesday February 19 she’s releasing her first full-length album, Cosmic Roots on MalLabel Music, providers of some of the deepest underground bass productions in San Francisco.

Cosmic Roots Release Party

Artwork by Marty Kenney.

Cosmic Roots is a beautiful marriage of transcendental vocals, natural tribal elements with synthesized drum beats, intergalactic loops and cavernous bass forming her self-described sound, the Goddess Womp. It’s dark and multilayered providing listeners with a meditative experience; repetitive mind altering vocals, peaceful atmospheric samples and deeeeeep bass will lull you into a trance at home on headphones and mesmerize you equally on the dance floor. Cosmic Roots’ track titles communicate the conceptual focus of the album, praising Hindu divine entities, perfect geometric forms and the importance of a clear being.

The album drops Tuesday February 19th on Beatport/iTunes. Celebrate the debut at Monarch in San Francisco from 10PM – 2AM PST!

In Lotus Drops’ own perfect words:

“I started working on this album in the beginning of 2012. The concept of the album was focused on creating a melting pot for the whimsically cosmic vibrations of my life, infused with the Tribal earthly ancestral experience of my roots! It took me a whole year to shape this 10 piece project. I reached out to two of my dear Goddess sisters for some vocals on a couple of the tracks and that was a powerful journey for me as well.

Being able to create the alchemy between their vocals and my beats was in-fact challenging but so incredibly worth it.

I feel like this album weaves in the funky vibes and the spiritually uplifting nature of meditation music.”

Track Listing

  1. Triangle Season
  2. Keep your Frequency Clear – featuring MANDA
  3. Egyptian Summer
  4. You are the Stars
  5. Roots in the Ground – featuring Swoonz
  6. Let’s Go!
  7. Ode to Hanuman
  8. Light in the Dark – featuring MANDA
  9. Under the Veil
  10. Eyes

Throughout Cosmic Roots Lotus nails the alchemy between vocals and her beats, breathing new life into bass-heavy music with vocal narratives. Gritty, metallic synths layering dark wobbles prove that Lotus is a polyrhythmic queen and equally adept at balancing dark and light. Her brand of Goddess Womp is well-crafted, she succeeds at blending synthetic and nautral sounds, especially present on tracks like Triangle Season, where hand drums blend with borderline robotic female vocals and on Egytipan Summer, with loops that evoke crickets and transform into real bird samples with shamanic flute melodies and dark monstrous bass, blurring the line of natural and synthetic. Give the Cosmic Roots preview a listen for yourself and prepare to fall under Lotus Drops spell.

Cosmic Roots drops Tuesday February 19th on Beatport/iTunes.

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