Mleo Displays Passion With Newest Release “Ridiculous”

Gaining traction as an up and coming band is always difficult. There is a wide array of obstacles that can stand in your way and chasing the dream as a musician is never an easy path to walk. However, when you have an honest sound and considerable cache of talent, you can attain the loftiest of goals. Alternative rock quartet Mleo happens to possess the necessary attributes to draw the proper attention. Vocalist Audrey Reed leads her trio of band mates, Victor San Pedro – guitar, Nick De La O – bass and Elias Vasquez – drums, into a realm of talent that should be acknowledged.

Reed’s powerful yet delicate voice is the crown jewel on her band’s exceptional instrumentation. In their most recent single “Ridiculous”, Mleo shows off their considerable chops. Reed’s vibrant lyrics delivered through the gorgeous medium of her impressive set of pipes take center stage, as the band builds with angst fueled guitar rifts and indignant percussion. While watching the bizarre video for “Ridiculous”, which showcases the Aubrey navigating her way through perilous would-be-relationships, I couldn’t help but recall one of my favorite bands of all time, No Doubt.

Mleo has the same quirky appeal, that the legendary punk-rock quartet exuded throughout their illustrious career. Mleo is a very close incarnation of the infamous Anaheim rockers,  a powerful female lead singer, fronting a mischievous and quirky collection of musicians from California into a unique realm of their own. “Ridiculous” comes on the heels of Mleo’s recent release from 2014, Sunken City.

What stands out most to me in Mleo’s discography is their compelling mixture of musical influences. When you listen to Mleo you can feel the sultry vibes of R&B as well as the blistering energy of punk rock. Mleo’s greatest quality is their adventurous style. This young and refreshing band have what it takes to uplift and inspire, while also burrowing into your mind with catchy and contagious tunes. Sunken City balances a youthful exuberance, with a delightful imagination which allows the quartet to seamlessly flow through emotional ballads like  “Paralyzed” and “Change Your Mind”,  into high powered rippers like“Bury Me There” and “Normal Guy”.

If Mleo can continue to carve out their own unique sound, while continuing to build on the attributes that they so boldly reminded me of the No Doubt, this exciting band can reach incredible heights. There is style a lot of room for Mleo to grow, but from what I have heard so far, I am certainly intruiged and excited to continue following this promising band form the west coast.

Jabari Kefele

Back by popular demand.

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