Moonbootica: Laughing Loud With The German EDM Powerhouse [Interview]


Sensible Reason sat down recently with Moonbootica, the house/techno/electro duo straight outta Deutschland. They have an incredibly diverse yet party-perfect sound, a trait even more so amplified by their eclectic style of music videos. The crew consists of KoweSix and Tobitob, a pair of fun loving German DJs who have been spinning mind bending tracks for over a decade throughout Europe and beyond. Moonbootica has worked with everyone from Robbie Williams to Redman, and are very excited about their new EP ‘These Days Are Gone.’ They also have a legendary sense of humor to go along with their DJ talents, most eloquently stated here. This is what they had to say about their sound, new musical endeavors and also threw in a funny experience they had while playing a show:

Sensible Reason: You have a sound as varied as it is modern. It is difficult to describe your sound with even 2 or 3 genres, let alone just one. How would you describe your own music?

Moonbootica: We always say that our sound is full of energy- a mix of house, techno and electro.

SR: Is there any particular ritual or method you guys use when making new music?

MB: Actually it always starts with a sample or a beat and then we just let it flow. We never really know what will happen to the track.

SR: After reading your bio in your ‘About’ section on I was happily intrigued, to say the least. What role does your sense of humor play in your one-on-one chemistry, as well as your creations as a DJ tandem and production team? This question is ‘double-loaded.’

MB: Thank you! You know things in Germany can get very, very serious. Even in electronic music. We believe that humor opens the mind and can bring down gaps. Of course shit in life can get serious, but you have to deal with it anyway, so why not do it in a positive way? Tobi and I have worked together for 15 years now and I guess we would have killed ourselves many times without our sense of humor!

SR: Your music videos are also very diverse in terms visuals, storyline, etc. What’s your creative process in making music videos? The video for ‘Bounce With Me’ was quite trippy.

MB: It depends. If we have a song with lyrics where the story isn’t important, then we can make a video that is performance based. We can focus on the style and aesthetics, like the music video for ‘Bounce With Me’. We like doing those sorts of videos, because we then have a lot of creative freedom. In terms of our collaborations with Skinny, who directed ‘Iconic’, ‘These Days Are Gone’ and ‘Beats & Lines’, those are much different, because we actually discuss the story and the cut with him. He and his team decide the rest!

SR: The world and the music industry have changed since your self titled album was released in 2005. How have things been in terms of your career and life journey from then until now?

MB: To be honest life is good to us at the moment. We play cool music for cool people in amazing locations and we are very grateful for this opportunity. But yes, it has become much harder to sell records, and it has become much easier to make music these days, making the industry much more saturated than it used to be. Things change on a daily basis, so you must accept it and make the best of it!

SR: Any big plans for 2014? I’d love to hear about your brand new EP, ‘These Days Are Gone’.

MB: You haven’t heard it yet?? Oh, it’s awesome We will make sure to send that and our new album “Shine”, which should be out soon! We’re very proud of it!


SR: How is the music scene in Germany and Europe at large different from that of the US? Are you received any differently between these two scenes?

MB: Germany has a long history when it comes to this kind of music, especially techno. The commercial breakthrough happened here a long time ago and things have changed since. The balance on the scene was restored again, now that Germany has a huge underground scene. There is still so much happening and it is truly magical to see the “electronic music capital’ grow into something cooler by the minute.

SR: What was your best experience in terms of playing a live set?

MB: I don’t think there is a “best experience”. It’s always great when you play for an engaged and interested audience. It can be a blast to play in front of 25,000 people at a big festival, but it can be just as fun playing for 200 people in a basement club, where people dance as if they fell in love again for the first time. The awesome thing with producing electronic music and DJing is that you always get direct feedback. You produce a track and next weekend you can test it out at a club. It’s really great for improvement.

SR: You guys like to have fun while making great records and your bio was cracking me up. What would you say is the most hilarious experience you guys have had in your career?

MB: We played a launch party for a big German car company once. Nobody cared who we were, or what we played. When we played our last record (yes, we played records back then), a totally drunk guy in a suit came up to us and said: “Guys, I’m the boss here and I will pay you double if you continue playing. I looked at Tobi, who was nodding in agreement, so we decided to keep the party going and keep playing. Completely satisfied with his accomplishment, the guy takes a step back, stumbles over the monitor speakers, crashes into the turntable set up and collapses onto the floor with all equipment around him. A huge BANG and then complete silence… Everyone froze and looked at us and this guy was crawling on the floor. We ran out of there as fast as we could, but I don’t think we’ve ever laughed this hard in our entire life!

SR: Any shoutouts or acknowledgements?

MB: People! Love life – it’s lovely, but a short affair!

A special thanks to KoweSix and Tobitob and their media crew for the opportunity to interview ‘The Double Greatest!’ We’ll be looking out for all things Moonbootica in the months and years to come!

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