Mr. Stee Channels Hip-Hop Gold With New Album

Hailing from Vancouver, Stefan Raupach aka Mr. Stee is a producer and guitarist who is melding his love of conscious 90’s hip-hop beats and jazz into one captivating vision.  In his debut album, Searching, Mr. Stee’s shows off his ability to blend genres and concoct a compelling sonic identity of his own. By combining cutting-edge production with deft instrumentation, Mr. Stee has distinguished himself as a truly forward thinking artist. This Vancouver producer really shows off his hip-hop chops with this meditative debut effort.

Focused on creating chilled out instrumental hip-hop music that bridges the gap between traditional sampling and live instrumentation, Mr. Stee style reminds me of trip-hop legends like Pretty Lights and Gramatik.  He often collaborates with his brother Torsten Raupach on bass guitar, and the duo brings an undeniably organic partnership to this album.

Mr. Stee has played guitar for 16 years and takes influence from jazz, funk, blues and R&B. After spending a winter break locked in his room with Ableton, he began merging this skill with an interest in hip-hop and electronic music. However, it wasn’t until he broke his foot traveling in Indonesia, that he decided to take the project more seriously and release material.

Building on his 2015 EP All Nighter, Mr. Stee brings a suave exhilaration to his production. Without overreaching or ever stepping outside of what comes naturally to him, Mr. Stee takes the listener on a smooth yet funky journey. Mr. Stee succeeds at establishing his own identity with Searching. Fusing, downtempo, jazz and hip-hop into a slow burning amalgamation of timeless and innovative elements. Songs like “In here,” “One Step Closer” and “Floating” really showcase Mr. Stee’s ability to incorporate atmospheric production with sumptuous live guitar.

With this latest release, Mr. Stee is definitely an artist you need to keep an eye on. Connect with Mr. Stee on SoundCloud and Facebook.



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