Mysteryland USA Surprise Show: Comet 209P/LINEAR

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It has been brought to our attention that there will be a surprise show like no other happening at Mysteryland USA!  There will be a meteor shower on a predicted date of May 24th, day 2 of Mysteryland. The comet, known as 209P/LINEAR also happens to be a shower that has never happened before.  According to EarthSky.org: “Comet 209P/LINEAR passed near the sun in 2009 and will pass near it again in early May, 2014. On the night of May 24, 2014 – if the predictions hold true – Earth might be sandblasted with debris from this comet, resulting in a fine display of meteors, or shooting stars.” 

A meteor streaks through the night sky above Yellowstone National Park on Halloween 2008. PHOTOGRAPH BY JEFFREY BERKES

First discovered in 2012, it is believed that 209P/LINEAR will release a large amount of debris, resulting in a particularly large amount of debris entering the earth’s atmosphere and causing an array of shooting stars. This particular meteor shower could produce between 100 and 400 meteors an hour, with the best viewing locations to be in the United States and Canada.  The actual rate could peak and reach “meteor storm” levels that would produce an astounding 1,000 meteors an hour.  In November 2013, however, scientists Ye and Wiegert predicted approximately 200 meteors per hour, though they did not completely rule out a meteor storm. 

The best viewing time is said to be around 3:30 AM EST, so be sure to set an alarm to remind yourself to turn off the near by lights and look up in the skies while you’re at your campsites at Mysteryland!

Photo Credit: A meteor streaks through the night sky above Yellowstone National Park on Halloween 2008.

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