Mysteryland USA Holy Ground Camping Perks — 70% Sold Out!

Mysteryland is an epic festival that takes places on the “holy ground” of festivals– Bethelwoods, NY, home of the famous 1969 Woodstock music festival. In honor of such a historic location, the festival has aptly named the campgrounds after the nickname for the location: Holy Ground Camping! Every diehard festivalgoer knows that to get the full experience you MUST camp at a festival, however Mysteryland USA takes it to the next level, giving these serious lovers of music festival vibes a lot of really special perks that you don’t see at other festivals:

More exclusive activities!

The Official theme for the campsite in 2015 is “Camp DoYaWannaDance” and thus the festival has sprinkled amazingly awesome childhood nostaligia-cum-milliennial fun events! Here are some of the awesome activities inspired by old school summer camps, classic games, and the ML team’s imagination:

  1. Giant Drinking Jenga
  2. Giant Connect four
  3. Giant Battleshots (I’m seeing a trend here)
  4. Giant Beer Pong
  5. Giant Operation Game (Birdie)
  6. Bounce House dodge ball
  7. Hamster Ball soccer
  8. 20′ inflatable slide
  9. Stand Up Comedy
  10. Acro Yoga classes
  11. Bellyfit classes
  12. Morning Deep House Yoga
  13. Spiritual workshops


More exclusive music!

Pre-fest at Holy Ground before everyone else gets there. The day and night before the festival commences, Holy Ground campers get to party hardy for twelve extra hours before their friends even arrive. With THREE extra stages raging the whole time, you can’t miss it! This year there will be the return of the BangOn! NYC Bus Camping Circus tent plus a NEW Pineapple Paradise stage!

Plus, there will be a silent disco for after-festival hours exclusively for the camp grounds!!

More booze & food + the NYC favorite: BRUNCH

This year Holy Grounders get to start the day earlier with NYC’s favorite past time: BRUNCH! “The Breakfast Club” opens up each day at 11AM, hosted by ‘Saved By The 90’s’. Woo! Booze brunch!

Plus, there will be a large assortment of food and beverage vendors, incl. vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.. + Mocha chime frappe grande lattes and kale spinach pineapple juices.

More improvement!

The festival has invested over 1/2 million dollars ($500K) into improving the camping grounds, such as gravel roads, showers, drainage, parking, mud prevention etc.

ML HOly Ground camping

So it’s no wonder that despite no lineup being announced yet, Holy Ground camping is 70% sold out!!! Last year the camping sold out well in advance, so be sure not to miss out!

Tickets are available here!

Buy 2 tickets on VALENTINES DAY and get a FREE VIP upgrade too!


Kristen Grennan

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