Native Gold Unleashes Haunting New Single

With a deliciously bizarre and almost macabre sonic palate,  L.A. based alt-electronic rock duo Native Gold have caught our attention with their goosebumps inducing new single “Fickle“. As the spearhead of Native Gold’s upcoming new EP, A Man We All Admire, which drops July 8, “Fickle” gives an intimate peak inside the malevolent genius that makes this twosome so appealing. Inspired by greats like Pink Floyd and Radiohead, Native Gold occupy a similar sound style as one two of my favorite current bands Alt-J and Tame Impala. By mixing the grittier elements of rock with the almost sterile aspects electronic music, Native Gold capture a truly enthralling amalgamation of ethereal and visceral tones. If “Fickle” is what we can expect from the duo’s break out EP, then consider me very, very intrigued.

As the track begins, you are greeted by an unnerving combination of white noise and eerie percussion, beckoning the listener deeper into this already mysterious track. As a renegade bass line is accompanied by hypnotic vocals, it doesn’t take long to realize that you are in for a bewildering ride to say the least. The haunting chorus of “fickle and you know it” is repeated almost as a prayer or an ode to a past lover. Dramatic production sets a truly cinematic scene, making this track much more than a simple tune you hear and easily forget. “Fickle” is a work of art that takes on a meaning of its own depending on the person playing it. Perhaps it reminds you of a certain someone, or maybe it drums up some dark introspection you may be avoiding. Regardless, “Fickle” finds a way to burrow into your chest and set up shop.

What Native Gold accomplish with “Fickle” is surely to be commended. The tense energy that the track generates is a peculiar and fascinating sensation, one that too few bands seek to develop. There is a sadness to their tune, but oddly the overall emotion one feels at the end is catharsis. With this magnificently bold single as their first offering of A Man We All Admire, Native Gold have piqued our interest and captured our fascination.

A Man We All Admire, will be released on July 8th 2016. You can check it out at Native Gold’s Soundcloud!






Jabari Kefele

Back by popular demand.

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