The ‘Need to Know’ before North Coast Music Festival

North Coast Music Festival just released their updated app for the festival this Labor Day weekend. It includes a comprehensive festival guide so you don’t have to work to make this weekend the most memorable weekend possible.

As with most festival apps, it includes a schedule for every day, but the most important parts of this app are the festival guide and after party links.

However if you don’t have your tickets then the most important part of the application is the ‘buy tickets‘ section, which will forward you to their website for purchase. Their three day passes are sold out so be sure to get your day passes as soon as possible before it’s too late.

Their festival guide includes festival hours, information on re-entry, parking, ticketing info, food, and basically any other FAQs that festival attendees may have.

Stay tuned with us here at Sensible Reason during and after the festival for artist interviews and photos of the festival as it progresses throughout the weekend. If you can’t go, live vicariously through our comprehensive coverage of this special event.




Sean Hersch

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