NEW MUSIC : Papadosio’s – Find Your Clouds – (Vibe Street Remix)

Ladies and Gentlemen…… Boys and Girls…… We present to you……

Vibe Street’s Remix of Papadosio’s – Find Your Cloud

Vibe Street:

The idea to do this remix came to me while driving around alone one night listening to Spotify. If I remember correctly, my Spotify radio took a strange jump from Leftover Salmon to STS9 to Pretty Lights and back to Papadosio’s “Find Your Cloud” … I had never heard the song before – my Papadosio experience had been limited to pieces of a few festival sets and some browsing of their Spotify collection, but I fell in love with it immediately. I think having zero connection to the song previously is what allowed me to have such a fresh perspective on it. It was so unique and groovy. The vibe/lyrics represented the exact message that I wanted my music and live show to represent, so I knew it would be a great fit. 

I wanted to give the song that bumping feel that I always crave without taking away any of the magic of the original tune, so I focused mainly on mixing in my drums and subs and synth patches as pristinely as possible, all while keeping some semblance of the original song’s structure intact. I was excited about the upbeat section of the song as well, because I knew it would give me an opportunity to mess with some drum n bass styles which I had never done before (I’m calling it Vibe N Bass). I also mixed in a choice hip-hop acapella sample towards the end representing that vibe of togetherness to add to the feel of the track. I really tried to imagine how the song would sound from the perspective of a festival attendee under the stars and lasers late at night, and I think that helped the creative process in a big way.

Aside from the song itself, I was excited to remix Papadosio because I respect the shit out of the type of crowd they bring out at festivals as well as their general reputation within the scene. They have such a positive, uplifting, connecting sound, and I really felt that the electronic scene could benefit from sharing in some of those true jam vibrations.


Catch more of those Future Funk Electro Vibes below:

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