Postmodern Jukebox Latest Cover: Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” + Interview with Robyn Adele Anderson

It’s been over 6 months since we last sat down with Robyn Adele Anderson of Postmodern Jukebox (check out the original interview here!) and boy have things changed. The pop-songs-turned-oldies cover band has since then increased their repertoire to include favorites such as “Royals,” a song featuring a 7 foot clown called Puddles, “Just (tap) Dance,” featuring a tap dancer, and now their latest craze, Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” which features a mariachi band and includes lyrics in Spanish that the talented Robyn translated herself:



Robyn’s harrowing voice coupled with the authentic mariachi band and the multifaceted Scott Bradlee on guitar gives this song a totally fresh sound that, in my opinion, it really needed. The opening is absolutely beautiful in it’s bold simplicity, featuring simply Scott on guitar and Robyn’s voice. Robyn’s voice is so full, it sounds as if she is in a Spanish iglesia rather than a NYC apartment. Robyn herself has definitely become more comfortable in front of the camera and has really become the central point of these videos, with fans often focusing in the comments section on what she is wearing, how she moves, and her facial expressions. In just a few short days it has topped 100,000 views and I expect it to launch well past that into the millions as their other covers have done. Like the video? Watch them perform it live on Stageit today (12/7/2013) at 2pm! Click here for more details!



Robyn Adele Anderson Performing in NYC with Scott Bradlee

Their songs have been shared on major websites such as Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post and they recently were featured on Good Morning America. With all this excitement, we just had to catch up with Robyn Adele Anderson and see how the experience has been:

Interview with Robyn Adele Anderson

Sensible Reason: Since we last spoke, your band has come a long way! How was it being on GMA? What did it feel like to be on national television? How was it different from other performances you’ve done thus far?


Robyn Adele Anderson: Being on GMA was pretty surreal! I had never been on TV before so that was really exciting. It was also the first time I was actually nervous in front of a camera, most likely because I knew we couldn’t go back and redo or edit anything and that 5 million people would be watching. Also, everything was very meticulously timed out, including our performance, which made us all a little nervous. But it was a really cool experience and I hope to do it again!

SR: You just recently released a cover of Avicii’s “Wake me up,” which you translated into Spanish. What was the motivation behind the translation? Where did you become fluent is Spanish?

Robyn: I studied Spanish all through high school and actually learned a lot by translating pop song lyrics into Spanish! Back then my translations weren’t very good, but since I spent a semester studying abroad in Spain in college, I’ve gotten better. I’ve always had the idea to cover a song in Spanish at some point, and as a group we’ve been wanting to do a mariachi cover. Fortunately our bass player used to play with a mariachi band in Connecticut so we were able to do both!

SR: You’ve had some really fun guests join your band, such as Puddles the Sad Clown, a tap dancer, and a mariachi band. Where do you come up with the ideas to work with these interesting people? Do you generally know these people before hand or do they reach out to you suggesting a partnership?

Robyn: Scott personally knows a lot of the guest performers that appear in our videos, since he’s been so involved in the music scene in NYC for so long. It’s great that he knows so many talented people and is eager to get them involved.
Post Modern Jukebox with Puddles

Post Modern Jukebox with Puddles

SR: You’ve shared on social media that you may be taking up music full time and potentially going on tour. How realistic is that? I know your fans around the world are excited to see you live; do you have a general idea of when you want to potentially start spreading the love and hitting the road?

Robyn: Honestly, I never thought taking up music full time would ever be a possibility; however, it seems as though doing music at least part time while working my day job part time is certainly a possibility! We would love to tour around the world, or at least the U.S., and if we can continue to raise funds via Patreon I think we’ll be able to make that happen within the next year or two.

SR: What are some of the most interesting venues you’ve played at so far?

Robyn: The most interesting venues we’ve played at so far include WorldCon, a Steampunk themed sci-fi convention in Austin, TX, and a frat party at UPenn that got shut down after playing for 20 minutes because the cops broke it up.
From Postmodern's song "Just (tap) Dance"

From Postmodern’s song “Just (tap) Dance”

SR: Hilarious and so random! I know you and Scott Bradlee do occasionally do small gigs around NYC. If someone in NYC wanted to catch you live, where should they try and find you?

Robyn: Right now we play every Friday night at the Refinery Hotel. Scott plays solo piano from 6 to 8 and then I join him to sing PMJ tunes (as well as some jazz standards) from 8 to 9.

SR: You recently started a campaign to help fund your videos. How is that going? If fans still want to support you, where is the best place to go an do that?

Robyn: We are currently raising money with the help of our supportive fans via a crowdsourcing platform called “Patreon.” It’s like Kickstarter, but we are able to continuously raise funds each time we make a video. Here’s a link to our Patreon page that explains it all!

SR: Are you and your band still doing livestreams online? If so, when can we expect to see another one?

Robyn: We would ideally like to do a livestreaming online show once a month, so hopefully our schedules will allow it. We are able to do these shows via StageIt, another brilliant platform for internet based musicians that allows everyone to watch no matter where they are in the world.


Thank you so much to Robyn Adele Anderson for taking the time to speak with Sensible Reason!  We look forward to seeing more videos in the near future! Be sure to check the band out today on Stageit here!

Kristen Grennan

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