Nitti Gritti Drops Sweltering ‘4 On The Floor’ EP Via Tchami’s CONFESSION Label

One artist who is certainly garnering major attention is multi-faceted young talent Nitti Gritti. The rising star continues to smash through genre boundaries with his new 4 On The Floor EP out now on Tchami’s CONFESSION label. This latest effort from Nitti Gritti underlines his versatility, artistic bravery, and considerable musicianship. With an arsenal of tunes ranging from synthy pop, to hair-raising bass and even some sun-drenched hip-hop, this eclectic maverick is one artist who refuses to be put in a box. 

4 On The Floor is a phenomenal foray into house as Nitti Gritti makes a triumphant return to Tchami’s CONFESSION imprint since the release of his international hit track “Fear.” As the title suggests this EP is tailor-made for house music fiends. However, rather than being a straightforward project, 4 On The Floor is a varied 5-track offering that keeps the listener guessing the whole time.  The EP kicks off with two surefire house hits in the form of  “My Music” and the namesake tune “4 On The Floor,”  the latter employing an infectious vocal sample that will surely whip crowds into a frenzy.

 “Back To Me” and “Moov” serve as funky additions that take the release’s vibe in a totally different but refreshing direction. 4 On The Floor comes to a close with a tune that perfectly embodies Nitti Gritti’s sonic style. Pulling from trap, hip hop, and bassline house and featuring an absurd flip, “Get Out My Way” finishes off this release in style.  Connect with Nitti Gritti on Facebook and Soundcloud



Jabari Kefele

Back by popular demand.

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