NOLAfunk Crawfish Fest on Governors Beach Club, NYC

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What’s better than a New Orleans funk festival? A New Orleans funk AND food festival! We all know that NOLA is known for three amazing things: great music, great food, and great fun. The NOLAfunk Crawfish Fest is sure to do it’s best to bring the NOLA spirit, music, and food to NYC at the Governors Beach Club this friday, June 27! Feeling depressed that all of your friends hare having a blast at Electric Forest? Dance your sorrows away! Had a tough week at work? Eat so much delicious craw fish that the only pain you feel is in your overstuffed belly!

Important Details

The NOLAfunk Crawfish Fest is located on Governors Beach Club in New York City. The Governors Beach Club is located on Governors Island, which you can access via Manhattan or Brooklyn Ferries. Ferries are free with festival ticket after 7pm ($2 before hand).

Tickets: General entry is $39.50 in advance ($50 at the door), or get the 2 ½ pound Crawfish platter with potatoes and corn plus ticket for $55 ($70 at the door). Children under 5 are free and the event is open to all ages. Happy hour– buy one get one free drinks!– is from 4-6pm.

More details can be found on the Facebook event page!


Rebirth Brass Band originally hails from New Orleans and is quite the group: Phil Frazier – Tuba; Keith Frazier – Bass Drum; Derek Shezbie – Trumpet; Glen Andrews – Trumpet; Stafford Agee – Trombone; Corey Henry – Trombone; Derrick Tabb – Snare; Drum; Vincent Broussard – Saxophone; and Chaderick Honroe – Trumpet. Bringing a full-fledged brass sound that they’ve been cultivating since 1983, these guys will be sure to knock your socks off:

Bonerama also hails from New Orleans and decidedly pushes the boundaries of funk and brass music. According to co-founder Mark Mullins, “We thought we could expand what a New Orleans brass band could do.” The band has been bopping around NOLA jazz clubs and now the world since the late 1990s and they are continuing to gain momentum. Most recently, the band released Shake it Baby in May of 2013– their sixth album.

Billy Iuso and Restless Natives are a permanent fixture in the NOLA club scene, combining jamband with funky New Orleans sounds. Billy Iuso actually hails from right here in New York, however after spending about two decades in NOLA he has become highly influence by the culture of the city. The group came together in New Orleans in 2002.

Currently based in Brooklyn but inspired by all things NOLA, the High and Might Brass Band has become a popular fixture in the NOLA funk scene here in New York City. Their set begins at 6pm so don’t miss out!

Opening the night will be DJ Logic, whose music is inspired by jazz and hip hop. This New York native will surely open the night (and happy hour) on the right food so try to be early! Download one of DJ Logic’s most recent tracks here:


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