One Track Minds Strike Indie Gold With ‘A Price To Be Paid’

When you think of Norway the first things that may come to your mind are its incredible natural landscapes, Viking culture and midnight sun. However, Nordic psych rock group One Track Minds are representing Norway in the realm of indie music as well. Hailing from the university town of Trondheim, One Track Minds have caught our attention with their latest album A Price To Be Paid. As denizens of Norway’s trendy music capitol, One Track Minds are a quintet of talented multi-instrumentalists whose dark and enigmatic sound is both refreshing and timeless all at once.

In 2015, Jon Reier Sylte (Guitar/Vocals), Ole Kristian Malmedal (Organ/Drums), Olav Edvard Lossius Meisingset (Drums/Percussion),  Bendik Ohr Iversen (Bass) and Tor Inge Eikrem (Tamburine/shakers) joined forces to create One Track Minds. Since then the group has signed with the up-and-coming label Brygga Records. The label stems from one of Trondheim’s most legendary recording facilities, Brygga Studio. With the band finding the perfect environment to prosper they have arrived with their debut album, A Price To Be Paid.

Inspired by the likes of The Stooges, The Velvet Underground and David Bowie, One Track Minds have crafted a compelling ten-track album with depth and dynamism. Their music is inspired by modern sound structures boldly melded with classic pop melodies; searing guitars overlay dark and ambient backdrop creating an intense juxtaposition of sound and aural textures. While their sound is undoubtedly modern, One Track Minds have a timeless appeal that seems to combine several eras of psychedelic rock into one seamless vision.

What is most impressive about this album in my opinion is the band’s ability to take the deep and almost sinister elements of psychedelic rock and pair them masterfully with the attractive tones of indie pop. The album is easy to listen to and full of character with poignant lyrics that are emphasized with tight and impressive instrumentation. A Price To Be Paid is perfect for putting on during a daily commute and zoning out to.

Stream A Price To Be Paid below and you can visit the band at their Facebook page. Download the album on SoundCloud.

Jabari Kefele

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