Pregame with this Oregon Eclipse Playlist

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With the final stage lineups for Oregon Eclipse recently announced, we figured a massive playlist of over 80 songs would help get you pumped for the magical summer event that lies ahead. Oregon Eclipse just announced heavy hitters such as Bassnectar, Cocorosie, Shpongle with Simon Posford and Raja Ram, STS9, The Polish Ambassador, The String Cheese Incident, and Troyboi to the final stage, properly named, “Eclipse.” With a total of 7 stages (Sun stage, Earth stage, Moon stage, Sky stage, Silk Road, Big Top, Eclipse stage) there will be more than enough music to keep you busy from August 17th through the 23rd.

The playlist we have curated for all of you starts with music from Sun stage and works its way through each other stage as we have listed them above. This means that our playlist ends with headliners from Eclipse stage. While we could have easily made several playlists solely dedicated to each stage we thought that one large playlist might help expand your musical horizons. Don’t be afraid to get into that psytrance, check out the glitchy weirdness that awaits you, feel the energy and passion from the live bands, and listen to those headliners you’re dying to see. Oh, and remember, not every artist is on SoundCloud; there are some names omitted from our playlist for the sheer fact that they don’t have music on this particular platform. Now sit back and enjoy the ride. We can’t wait to experience Oregon Eclipse with you!

(Featured image by: Kaylie ‘Violet’ Starkey of Violet Visions)

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