Peach 2014 Artist Spotlight: Locals Only

There are a number of bands gracing this year’s Peach lineup whose home bases are within a stone’s throw from the festival’s home at Montage Mountain in Scranton, PA. Some of those bands, like Philadelphia-based Peach veteran Lotus, we have already featured in previous spotlights. Others, like up-and-coming NYC-based Consider the Source, hail from nearby cities outside of the great state of Pennsylvania. This spotlight, however, is dedicated to three acts out of eastern Pennsylvania.  If you haven’t heard of them, you should read up on them. Stat.

The first is right out of Scranton and a local favorite who has performed at every Peach since the festival’s inception in 2012. Cabinet will once again perform two sets of its signature bluegrass fusion, showing both new and old fans just how well they can mix it up with their contemporary spin on a classic and beloved genre of live music. Last year, the band performed a noteworthy bluegrass and reggae hybrid cover of Sublime’s “Garden Grove” with guest guitarist Mike Mizwinski that has yet to fade from my mind. They’re hitting festivals across the South and Northeast, including the Southern Brewers’ Festival in Chattanooga, TN, Lock’n Festival in Arrington, VA, and two sets (for the second year in a row) at Catskill Chill Music Festival in Hancock, NY. In between festival appearances, the band also has a number of venue shows scheduled. They’re on a roll this summer, and given the impending breakup of the Allman Brothers Band they’ll surely have some surprises up their sleeves this year much as they did the last.  Check out their performance at Peach 2013 below – the Sublime cover begins about five minutes into the video:


The second act, Flightschool, will come from the City of Brotherly Love for their debut appearance at Peach. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys perform in a small suburban Philadelphia bar and restaurant years ago and my, how they have evolved since then. Their improv-infused rock-and-roll reflects influences across decades and genres. Last year, several of members of the band and its crew came to the Peach as patrons, and this year will play the festival alongside some of their favorite bands, including Tedeschi Trucks. In addition to being dedicated to their craft, they are also genuinely good people, and it’s great to see them make their large-scale festival debut. Come support up-and-coming local music and congratulate Flightschool on their success by catching their set on the Grove Stage at 3PM on Friday, August 15. Check out the music video for their song “City Limits” below:


The third and final artist to be spotlighted, American Babies, is a project of Philadelphia-based guitarist Tom Hamilton, of Brothers Past. Brothers Past bassist Clay Parnell will also perform with the band at the Peach this year, in addition to performing with Particle, with whom he has been touring regularly. The lyric-driven rock-and-roll tunes of American Babies stand in stark contrast to the psychedelic jams of Brothers Past, and gives you a look at a much different, yet equally enjoyable, side of Hamilton. It is hard to imagine you won’t find yourself dancing and singing along to the choruses of these catchy ditties at least once during the course of their performance. Tough decisions regarding lineup calls have to be made this day, but even if you aren’t going to catch the entire set, at least catch part of it before heading over to Tedeschi Trucks or the Revivalists, whose performances overlap. Check out the music video for “Goddamn,” off the band’s recently released EP Stark Red, below:

We’re only one week away!  The Peach opens its gates on August 14.  Get your tickets here.  Don’t forget to check out the information on camping (you’ll need a separate camping pass) and parking (on-site parking passes are now sold out). See you at the Peach!

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