Peach 2015: Five Must-Catch Collaborations

Peach is back for its fourth annual run in just under two weeks.  Collaboration has always been an integral part of Peach, but this year is set to become very special in terms of cooperative musicianship, with a number of both rare and all-new musical teams already on the books in addition to the unannounced special guest appearance that will undoubtedly transpire.  Here’s a list of the top five scheduled musical collaborations you should check out.


  1. Holloway Kadlecik Project

If you’ve ever been to Peach before, you probably already know the men at the heart of this partnership. D.C.-based saxophonist Ron Holloway is a veteran of the Peach Family, and returning fans surely remember his appearances with Cabinet, Govt Mule, Bill EvansSoulgrass, and others. Currently, Holloway is a member of Ron Holloway Band and the Warren Haynes Band, but he’s got something up his sleeve for Peach this year. In addition to performing with Ron Holloway Band, Holloway is joining forces with guitarist John Kadlecik, co-founder of Dark Star Orchestra and currently a member of Furthur, for their first ever performance as the Holloway Kadlecik Project. The Peach is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead; this duo is more than equipped to pay tribute.  Check out this performance of the DC-based music collective Covered With Jam, featuring both Ron Holloway and John Kadlecik:


  1. Warren Haynes with Railroad Earth

He won’t be here with the Allman Brothers Band, but Warren Haynes will of course return to Montage Mountain for Peach 2015. He will bring with him not Govt Mule as in previous years, but Railroad Earth, with whom he recently recorded his newest album Ashes & Dust. Fans of Haynes’ Southern rock vibe will likely dig his newest tracks. Railroad Earth’s distinct bluegrass-fusion sound leaves its mark on the tracks as well. Fans of both artists will no doubt find something to enjoy during this set. Here’s Warren Haynes ft. Railroad Earth, performing “Company Man.”


  1. Bob Weir with Billy & the Kids

It’s the 50th Anniversary of the Grateful Dead, so of course we can’t have a discussion about noteworthy collaborations without a mention of Billy & the Kids with special guest Bob Weir. Billy & the Kids is the brainchild of Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann, who brought on guitarist Tom Hamilton (American Babies, Electron, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead), keyboardist Aron Magner (the Disco Biscuits, Electron), and bassist Reed Mathis (Tea Leaf Green) to comprise the core of the new project. Guest performers often find their way to the stage during the new group’s performances, however, and Peach will be no exception, where Bob Weir will perform with them during one of two sets. This is not to say that other guests won’t join them on stage, as so often occurs. Regardless, old-school and new-aged fans of the jam scene will likely be best served catching some of this set.  For a taste of what this collaboration may entail, here’s a video of Kreutzmann, Mathis, and Weir performing “Cassidy” earlier this year with guitarist Steve Kimock:


  1. Oteil & Roosevelt

This duo, like numbers 5 and 4, bring a bit of Allman back into the mix. Grammy-winning Allman Brothers Band bassist Oteil Burbridge will return to Peach with famed pedal steel guitarist Roosevelt “The Dr.” Collier, and will undoubtedly bring something fresh and full of soul to the mix. Best known for his role in the “sacred steel” ensemble The Lee Boys, Roosevelt Collier also often appears as an artist-at-large at festivals of all sizes, and has a reputation for collaborating with a wide array of musicians across genres. There’s no word on what (or who else) these two all-stars have in store for Peach, but it’s sure to be a one-of-a-kind highlight of the festival.  See Burbridge play with the Roosevelt Collier Band at last year’s Bear Creek Music Festival below:


  1. Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Bob Weir

The number one slot goes to the legendary New Orleans musicians that make up Preservation Hall Jazz Band. We already gave you the low down on the band’s profound history, but today, we’re putting the spotlight on them again for the special set they have in store for Peach fans. Of course, you should catch Preservation Hall Jazz Band regardless – they simultaneously continue a century-long tradition of music while providing NOLA’s rich musical community with a constantly evolving sound. When they take the stage at Montage Mountain in a couple weeks, however, there will be yet another reason to check out these Big Easy behemoths. They’ll be bringing Bob Weir along for the ride. Peach fans may remember that Bob Weir had to cancel his appearances at Peach festival last summer, along with all other performances of his band RatDog and other collaborations through January 2015. Other than a special appearance here and there, it was not until the Fare Thee Well concert series celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Grateful Dead that Bob Weir took the stage for a full performance. Weir’s performances during that series were solid, and if they’re any indication of what is to come, Weir will be back and ready for action when he takes the stage at Peach this year. You’ll likely see him up on stage during a number of the festival’s performances, but if you can only catch one of his performances, this one has all the ingredients to cook up a remarkably unique musical experience.  It isn’t far-fetched to expect that countless bands will cover and tease the Grateful Dead. However, PHJB has the ability to do it differently than anyone else making the trek to Montage this year. What could be better, and more distinctive, than putting a traditional second line spin on some classic Grateful Dead tunes? Let us not forget – this is the 50th Anniversary of the Grateful Dead, and the musical celebrations are far from over. This writer has her fingers crossed that this collaboration creates something none of us will ever forget. Weir has joined PHJB on stage a couple of times in the past; here’s a short clip of Weir playing with the band as they played New Orleans standard “Iko Iko” last year:

The video merely hints at what may be when these musicians take the stage together in just a dozen or so days; if you really want to experience the musical magic you’ll have to get your tickets and make the trek to Montage Mountain. Find out more about the festival and buying tickets here.

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