Pigeon Hole Discuss Their Love For Shambhala & New “Noise Parade” EP Out Now Via Outer Realms

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WHOA!!! Last week was a big one for us! Between playing 2 sets at Shambhala and dropping our new EP 'Noise Parade' we're definitely riding a high!!! Thank u all for being a part of this :) Have u heard the new EP or did u catch one of the sets? We want to know what ur feeling...

Posted by Pigeon Hole on Monday, August 20, 2018

Above all else, Shambhala is a community that constantly seeks to uplift its members. Countless artists have used the world famous festival as a springboard to launch their careers into the stratosphere. The most cutting-edge bass music is coming out of the west coast right now. Local Canadian artists are at the forefront of bass production and Shambhala is constantly putting underground talent center stage.

Hailing from Victoria, Canada hip-hop and bass production duo Pigeon Hole perfectly embodies the renegade spirit of Shambhala. Comprised of Lee Napthine and Colin McCue, Pigeon Hole has amassed an arsenal of dope tracks with releases on Stylust’s Sleeveless Records and their new Noise Parade EP on Minnesota’sOuter Realms. 

After two high octane sets at The Amphitheater and The Village, Colin McCue of Pigeon Hole took a few of our questions ranging from their upcoming fall tour with Minnesota and Bassnectar dropping their tunes.

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Sensible Reason: As two guys hailing from Victoria, Canada, Shambhala has no doubt played a  role in your musical development. Can you tell us how Shambhala has helped you grow as artists and musicians?

Pigeon Hole: Shambhala is home base for what we do. Coming from a hiphop background then experiencing Shambhala for the first time 8 years ago completely changed how we make music. magic happens at Shambhala.

SR: You guys played an opening day set at the AMP and then followed that up with a surprise set at The Village on Sunday. Can you describe the differences in the sets and what both experiences were like?

PH: Yeh that was wild. Temperature was definitely a major difference for one. Those daytime opening slots are amazing, so much energy and excitement from all angles. People are so ready just to get wild. The village set was crazy. we’ve always wanted to play a night time set at the Village. I honestly couldnt believe it was happening.

SR: You just dropped your new EP ‘Noise Parade’ on Minnesota’s Outer Realms imprint. Can you tell us what it means to be one of the first major releases on this budding label and what the creative process was like for this project?
PH: It’s rad. Minn has been so good about supporting what we do and it was an honor to be the first act that the label is really pushing.

SR: You will also be supporting Minnesota on tour this fall. What are you most looking forward to while on the road?

 PH: Seeing new places. We get to hit so many cities for the first time. So excited about that tour!

SR: You started off as a rap duo and grew into versatile bass music producers. Can you tell us what initiated that transformation and what that journey was like?
PH: Shambhala made all that happen. Seeing the crowds really being unified by the music and how the crowds were really there to experience the music. How good the sound systems were. how nice the people were. It was a whole new world we had never really experienced before. We instantly knew we wanted to bring what we do to that world. It’s just kind of evolved naturally. It was a leap of faith for sure but we’ve always just followed whatever inspires us so we had to do it.

SR: You bring an insane energy to all of your performances. What can someone who has never been to a Pigeon Hole show expect from the experience?

PH: When we play we become different people. I feel invisible on stage. we channel something up there is that makes sense. Everything else just kind of falls away and the music takes over.

SR:  You guys absolutely threw down at Bamboo Bass this year in Costa Rica can you tell us a little bit about your experience down there?
PH: Bamboo is amazing. Highly suggest checking it out for anyone who hasn’t been. It’s like a vacation with all the homies and great sound systems.

SR: Recently Bassnectar dropped your track  “Next Level” during one of his sets in Colorado. What was it like for you to see that?

PH: That was a trip. seeing anyone drops one of our tunes is always the hugest compliment but that was unreal.

SR: Finally, what are you guys looking forward to most this year?
PH: Life! I’m so excited about what is happening right now. We’re really lucky. We work our asses off but we love making music and I feel so lucky that people are kind of taking to it. I just want to see where we can go with all this. it’s esciting!

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