Pretty Lights Plans to Illuminate Red Rocks



Colorado is in for another treat this weekend as Pretty Lights sets his lasers on Red Rocks Amphitheater for another stop on this Episodic Adventure. Shining bright with Derek this time around are his friends; Marvel Years, Maddy O Neal, Supervision and Chris Karns.

Red Rocks





Pretty Lights



Where the fusion of Digital and Analog meet, Where Lights and Sound intersect, Where Past meets Future, thats the essence of the Pretty Lights experience and it only begins to describe the visual and auditory adventure that mastermind Derek Vincent Smith takes you on. Constantly pushing the limits in his Red Rocks performances, one could only expect that he has something magical planned for this outing.




Marvel Years

Marvel Years

Marvel Years is an incredible guitarist that shreds well beyond his years. His approach to blending electronic beats and shredding soulful guitar on his original tracks and remixes creates a sound that is a unique hybrid of EDM combing glitch, retro-funk, classic rock, soul, jazz and hip-hop.


Maddy O’ Neal


Maddy is determined to become a female leader in a male dominated live electronic genre. Maddy’s rock n’ roll family roots and growing appetite for old-school hip-hop, give her a versatility that sets her apart from other artists in the scene.




This Dallas, TX native pairs his love of collecting music with harder hitting drums, advanced effects, fills, builds, drops, heavier sub bass, and texturized synth bass and infuses his background on turntables spanning over 15 years, to bring a truly authentic spin on electronic music.


Chris Karns

Chris Karns

At a time when the word “DJ” no longer carries with it the weight of a once vibrant vinyl culture, it’s a relief there are passionate and talented artists like Chris. Since his early days inspired by his musician father and learning to scratch on a $20 belt-drive turntable, he’s rocked countless overseas and American tours, and has played everywhere from Los Angeles to New York, London to Tokyo, and everywhere in between.

Event info:

Date: August 12th & 13th, 2016
@: Red Rocks Amphitheater
Grab Tickets Here

A message about the 5 Pretty Lights Live Episodic Festivals:

“The 5 PLL Episodic Festival will tell a story about an experiment while also being an experiment in telling a story.

It goes like this->
Just before each episode the PL film crew and myself will post a short prelude video that visually explores an idea that will be a theme for the episode


Over the span of each two night concert, the PLLive band will record select live cuts onto a single cassette tape and then make it available after the show


I want people to make & post art about the theme.
Chop up the music from the cassette and make music.
Take photos & make videos at the PLL concerts or anywhere that you might be.

Last year, Telluride CO hosted a Pretty Lights 2 night concert that was the first of its kind. That weekend changed my life. Surrounded by an energetic natural environment with so many people on the same positive frequency and playing live music with the dopest musicians I’ve ever heard… The experience was spiritual.

I have witnessed an incredible story unfold as I’ve watched fans of PL music come together and connect with each other at concerts and online and truly affect and change each other’s lives for the better. It has helped me really recognize the importance of shared experience and even more so, the potential.

The idea behind the Episodic Festival came from thinking about this experience like a story unfolding and how this story might continue.

I’ve had a vision like a story in my head for too long that I haven’t really known how to tell.
It’s almost like the telling and the discovery of the story which must overlap and intertwine and feed back into each other for the plot to twist and be twisted into existence.

And that’s an experience I know I want to share with all of you.”


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