Preview: Lespectacle in Boston

This weekend marks the beginning of a stretch of autumn and Halloween-themed celebrations: fright fests, concerts and costume contests. Among the long list of gatherings shines a unique gem, Lespectacle, the second annual autumnal community potluck and music summit put on by Boston-based lespecial. This Saturday, October 27th artists and friends will gather to delight your eyes and ears. Musical acts include Mr. Bill, Bird of Prey, lespecial, the world premiere of the Supersillyus Life Band, Space Jesus, Futexture and many more.

Give the free compilation album a listen:

The event will also feature a visionary artist gallery, potluck dinner, technology and wellness seminars (including an Ableton seminar with Encanti & special guests,) live painting and local vendors of all types, making for a holistic experience with something to offer for everyone. Schedule and location details will be sent to ticket holders on the day of the event.

lespectacle Trailer from Electrogenic on Vimeo.

Electrogenic Media Collective will be filming the entire event and the main stage will be streamed via Ustream for the world to see so dress (and behave) to impress in the theme of ‘neo-tribal-post apocalyptic-western style bone doctor’. There will be costume and dish contests:

Costume Contests
Best Male Costume
Best Female Costume
Costume Most Accurate to the Theme
Most Respectable Hat
Least Provocative Costume

Dish Contest
Best Entree
Best Appetizer
Best Dessert
Most Healthy Dish
Best Sauce

Tickets are available as presale only online. One tree will be planted for every ticket sold and there is a $10 cash rebate at the door if you bring a dish.

Only 250 Tickets Available Total
Buy Tickets
Tree plantings are sponsored by In Ticketing in collaboration with Trees for the Future. Your trees will be planted in worldwide tree planting projects that help restore devastated forests in developing nations.

Musical Performances
Mr. Bill (
Bird of Prey (
lespecial (
Supersillyus Live Band (World Premier) (
Skytree (
Blue Boy Productions (
Space Jesus (
Futexture (
Push/Pull (
eelko (
Schlang (
Digital Vagabond (
Students from The Music Cellar

Visual Artists
Dutch Masterson Designs (Drew Suto)
Tamara – Deco aesthetic wizard and queen of all things video

Visionary Artists
Gallery Hosted by Samuel Farrand (
Roman Villagrana
Adam Scott Miller (
Andy Reed
Pouyan Khosravi
Sandeep Chandran
Phillip Anthony Suarez
Jack Shure
Hakan Hism

Local Artists & Vendors
Dizolver (
Alex Crowford (
David Krantz (Futexture) Crystals & Fine Minerals
Kal’ika Crystals & Creations
Louis Fazzina – Spectral Sanctuary
Made in Boston Clothing

A message From lespecial:

We are proud to announce to you all, LESPECTACLE, a continuation and evolution of last year’s LESPESHTIVAL and our 2nd annual autumnal community potluck and music summit. The event will feature an immersive and primitive thematic environment of bones and antlers interwoven with state of the art sound, light and video technologies. We have chosen to carry on with the Samhain theme to inspire celebration of the changing seasons, the transitory nature of our universe, and well, life and death ya’ll. After enjoying a splendid feast together, you will be provided with an evening of entertainment from some of our close friends and artists that we consider to be some of the most forward thinking, cutting edge artists in the world. Witness the unveiling of Supersillyus Live Band, and sets from Bird of Prey, Mr. Bill, Blue Boy Productions, Skytree, Space Jesus, Futexture, Durians, eelko, Push/Pull, Digital Vagabond, lespecial, as well as the up and coming talents of students that we have been teaching at our underground music school in Millerton NY. We invite you all to come and be a part of what will truly be a “lespectacle”.

“It is darkness that makes us reach into the depths of our soul beyond where we have been before, in order to create a new reality.”

Sensible Reason is proud to cover such a conscious, carefully thought out event and will provide updates and exclusive content throughout with coverage and interviews afterwards. Hope to see you there!

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