Queer Rapper Fly Young Red Releases “Throw That Boy P***y”

It’s quite uncommon to see a queer person in the hip-hop world, rapping especially for the LGBTQfly-young-red-throw-that-boy-pussy community. Fly Young Red has over 400,000 views with his latest video, “Throw That Boy Pussy,” lifted from his Pretty Boy Realness mixtape, and available for listening via his Soundcloud. The video showcases several males twerking, with Red urging you to “throw that boy pussy.” Red decided to film a video for the song because of its popularity in gay clubs, and he “wanted to make a video for [the clubs] to play while [his] song was playing,” he explained to Huffington Post.

A self-proclaimed queer artist, Red stated his identity influences his music and it’s apparent. Uncomfortable with rapping about women and hanging with a straight group, Red quit for a time, as he started to become comfortable with his sexuality, a feat that many struggle with. When he got back in the studio, “Throw That Boy Pussy” was one of the tracks that emerged, leading many to question its content, but it is in fact, hard to un-hear and will be stuck in your head for hours.

Check out the video below!

Andie Castillo

20 something year old Texan. Queer. Walking disco ball. Wine enthusiast.

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