A Few Questions Answered by The Glitch Mob

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The Glitch Mob are a trio like none other. They brought the glitch scene to the mainstream while creating a genre all their own. From their explosive live shows to haunting DJ sets, these guys know music through and through. The Glitch Mob just finished a huge tour that ended at Electric Forest. Sherwood Court was packed to the brim on Sunday as hoards of Foresters danced their way through the sunset. We had a chance to ask The Glitch Mob a few questions about Electric Forest and their latest album See Without Eyes which came out earlier this summer. Check out the interview below and listen to See Without Eyes in its entirety above.

Sensible Reason: Your latest tour was quite a long one. Was it hard to muster the energy to play your last show at Electric Forest by weekend 2?

The Glitch Mob: Every time we step on stage is like jumping out of an airplane. Magic!

SR: You have played Electric Forest in the past. What makes the Forest special to you? Is it special at all?

TGM: It is special. We love it so much. The combination of the community, nature, and the music make it like nothing else.

SR: Did you get a chance to experience and explore the festival while you were there?

TGM: Absolutely. We walked around the forest quite a bit and even played a few secret sets.

SR: Tell us about your latest album ‘See Without Eyes‘. What inspired some of the themes in the work?

TGM: It’s all about the creative process, about life. We go on a journey ourselves and what you hear is a result of that. The story is in the music itself and is a much more dense way of communicating emotion.

SR: We saw you guys on Instagram “sample foraging in nature.” Do you record and use your own samples all the time?

TGM: There’s a lot of field recordings in our music. All the little bits of sound you hear are from our lives.

SR: Describe the process of creating the perfect sample.

TGM: There is no perfect sample. That’s the fun part. It’s all about grabbing a moment and the inconsistency.

SR: As a trio, does each member have a particular talent or do you all work as a team when creating music?

TGM: It changes depending on what we’re doing. The roles move around a lot and are fluid.

SR: Are 3 heads better than 1?

TGM: Absolutely. Ideas come about with 3 of us that one person could not come up with.

SR: Your stage setup is unique in comparison to most electronic acts. Describe what you want your audience to see when they catch a live set.

TGM: We aim to perform electronic music with the energy of a rock band, and we go on that journey with people every time we step on stage.

SR: Name one lesson you’ve learned from music.

TGM: “Music, uniquely among the arts, is both completely abstract and profoundly emotional. It has no power to represent anything particular or external, but it has a unique power to express inner states or feelings. Music can pierce the heart directly; it needs no mediation.”Oliver Sacks

The Glitch Mob has very clearly pierced into our hearts. From their first album to their latest, these three are doing something right. Check out this powerful trio as they head back on tour this fall.

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