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Papadosio returned to NYC’s Highline Ballroom Nov 7 to put on another outstanding show. Having formed in 2006, Papadosio is definitely a younger band to come onto the scene, but the way they play together tells a completely different story. The way these dudes combine sounds, one would think they had been playing together for decades. Music is definitely their native language and they certainly know how to speak to a crowd. Papadosio consists of five members: Anthony Thogmartin (guitar, keys, vocals), Billy Brouse (keys and vocals), Mike Healy (drums), Rob McConnell (bass and vocals), Sam Brouse (keys and vocals). This is a band that is picking up speed and quickly becoming a fan and festi favorite. I’m very curious to see what the future has in store for them.

Out of all the smaller venues in NY, Highline Ballroom has to be one of my favorite. It’s probably one of the warmer places I have ever seen a show. At this venue everyone can find their comfy zone; whether you like to sit on a couch, be pressed up against the front rail, hanging over the balcony, or chill by the bar, you can always find your place. I always love returning to this venue.

The first opener for Papadosio was EarthCry. Upon arriving at the show I expected a band but was surprised to find out that EarthCry is side project of Papadosio member Anthony Thogmartin. It was the perfect blend of music to walk into a venue hearing; not at all overwhelming and quite soothing and relaxing to the ear. Backstage after the show Thogmartin was explaining how EarthCry was from pieces he had created years ago that he had always wanted to use.IMG_1276 EarthCry is how the producer is choosing to respond to a calling to create music that heals the planet and its people. His debut album, “Hear the Earth, Heal Yourself ∞ Heal the Earth, Hear Yourself” is an electronic journey that focuses on ancient solfeggio frequencies known to aid the human condition. After EarthCry,  The Malah came on. I had never heard of them before, and although I was not familiar to any specific songs I totally enjoyed what they were bringing to the table. They were the perfect escalation after EarthCry, mixing rich earthy atmospheres with electrifying rhythms.

Papadosio came out swinging. The band stretched each song to its jamming limits and a ways into the show I was happily stunned to find that they were only onto their 3rd song. They opened up the night with “Method of Control”, “Now That You Know,” and “You and Yourself.” For the next Segment guitarist Anthony Thogmartin pulled out his acoustic guitar for “Right Now” and the beautiful gay-rights anthem, “What’s At Stake.” After those ballads the band really turned on the jam. They followed up with “Stick Figure” and then the instrumental piece, “The Bionic Man Meets His Past.” “By The Light of the Stars,” and “The Eyes Have Eyes” closed up the night leaving the crowd uneager to leave and begging for more.


The visuals that beamed behind the band really caught my eye. Trippy images of real people over patterns mixed with earthy paintings morphed together in the background. I even caught a glimpse of a hoop cam within the visuals. I really must give it up to the person who organized the visuals and lighting. BRAVO!

If you haven’t seen Papadosio live find out when they’re coming to a city near you!  And then check out this video of Papadosio at Highline Ballroom!




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