Rich Jones Releases Music Video for “Out West”

Almost exactly a year ago, Chicago artist Rich Jones released his Vegas EP. The first track off of the EP was called “Out West,” a smooth and groovy track with relatable themes and a melody that is an instant earworm. Jones just released the music video for “Out West” directed by Peter Collins Campbell, an up-and-coming director who has previously worked with the likes of Chance the Rapper, Noname, Vic Mensa, Nico Segal, and Towkio. Working only with Campbell’s camera, the clothes on his back, and the scenery behind him, Rich Jones’ video for “Out West” is simple, relatable, and fun to watch. The concept for the video for “Out West” is simple. Jones took an impromptu road trip across the country from Chicago to Las Vegas and back again. This video brings the listener along for the ride.

“Out West” chronicles the changing landscape behind Rich Jones as he travels across the Midwest, the plains, the mountains, and into the desert. “Out West” moves along just as smoothly as the camera moves with Rich Jones through his journey across the country. He walks through the changing landscape from the city to his destination. He encounters people on the street, flat grassy ground, steep hills, and even a little snow. The landscape changes swiftly, just as the landscape can change around a traveler in the blink of an eye. Often times, it can be easy to zone-out while staring at the road. The dotted lines become hypnotizing, but Jones obviously took the time to stop and take in the sights and sounds of the world around him. The path to the West has many sudden and beautiful changes in the backdrop. We love that Campbell was able to capture this during the filming.

Finding the perfect places to shoot couldn’t have been difficult with the constantly evolving scenery. From snow to the desert sun, Rich Jones seems cool as a cucumber as he sings through the video, bringing the audience into his world. The video is low budget, simple, and moving. We love the track and think this video compliments it well. Check it out at the top of the page.

Ashley Cizek

Went to school at UW-Madison, graduating with a BA in psychology. I hula-hoop, I write, I enjoy sunlight.

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