‘Road to Camp Bisco’ – Eric Hoffman

The road to Camp Bisco begins to gear up right about now. It’s almost a month away, festival season is in full swing, and people are getting geared up for their trip to Upstate New York for Camp Bisco XI hosted by The Disco Biscuits, a band that knows how to really throw a party. For many people, Camp Bisco is an annual mission where the objective is to enjoy everything that The Biscuits have to offer. Leaf Guy at Camp Bisco XThe daytime amusements accompanied by great on stage-performances, amazing laser light and LCD displays, a late night party with the world’s hottest DJs who always play way past sunrise, and a place to rage at maximum level with friends and people you’ve never met but you could swear you’ve seen before. I’ve had the pleasure of attending the past 6 Camp Biscos and look forward to it every year. For many people, present company included, Camp Bisco is a place to rejuvenate our sense of merriment in life for three days.

Right around now Camp Bisco tickets are being shipped to all who purchased, and when they open that envelope, they know that they bought a pass to let loose and reach new levels of craziness for a few days. For anyone who’s a fan of seeing their favorite artists live, it’s almost impossible to see them all in one summer. By going to Camp Bisco, any fan of jam bands, EDM and dubstep can easily cross off a large portion of their must-see list and save a lot of time traveling to every concert and club within a fifty mile radius. Looking at the Camp Bisco lineup, you can get a hint of what type of Bisco madness is in store for them.

Camp Bisco XI Lineup

Some notable performances in the past that have defined my Camp Bisco experience were my first Shpongle (Camp Bisco V) and all others after that, Simon Posford and Zach Velmer from STS9 sitting in with The Disco Biscuits (Camp Bisco VI), STS9 playing one live set and one live PA set (Camp Bisco VIII), and The DFA Disco Tent that felt like a modern take on Saturday Night Fever (Camp Bisco VIII).

The Disco Biscuits always throw down at least 4 high energy sets. For a Camp Bisco to be complete I need to hear ‘Basis for a Day’ divided into multiple parts, spanning 2 days, and ending in a high crescendo with Brownie thanking his loyal fans for a great time. I’m always hoping that The Biscuits play ‘Little Shimmy in a Conga Line’ and the crowd forms a caterpillar-like conga line. The Biscuits did play ‘Little Shimmy’ at Camp Bisco X but unfortunately the crowd didn’t seize the opportunity.

Looking ahead with performances by Skrillex, Lotus, Bassnectar, Future Rock, Craze, Simian Mobile Disco and Shpongle’s Masquerade, this year’s Camp Bisco is going to be a boogie marathon. At this time we are all awaiting the schedule that alerts us when each artist is going to be on stage, or…perhaps further additions to the lineup? Once all that is posted the road to Camp Bisco is almost over. The next step is getting there.

Attending any of the Road to Camp Bisco shows July 5-7? Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to get your tickets and join us at Camp Bisco XI on July 12-14.

Images credit of: Sebastien Barre

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