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The first installment in a series of fond memories of past camps and the excitement of camps to come. 

In 2007 Camp Bisco found a new home at Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville, NY. A Country Club owned and run by Bikers. Biscuit fans and bikers?

Seemed like a strange fit. Yet with each passing year it seems more and more like it was an ideal fit. The two biggest reasons are they like to party…we like to party. They have a bunch of land, there is a bunch of us. In 2007 Camp Bisco VI brought over 5,000 of us there. With every passing year more campers coming out to the biggest party of the year. Last year Camp Bisco hosted its tenth anniversary to a sold out crowd. Bringing in well over 20,000 in attendance!


Camp Bisco VI hosted an array of artist such as STS9, Umphreys McGee, Shpongle, Adam Deitch Project, OTT, The Join and Orchard Lounge. The Disco Biscuits were originally slated to play 5 sets. But with Simon Posford stuck in traffic the New Originals couldn’t go on. Starting the tradition of a day time set Disco Biscuits came out for a surprise set in place of The New Originals. Unbeknownst to us another tradition would start that year…The Camp Cyclone. To say it rains at camp is a mild understatement.  I have seen the tents go flying through the air! This was by far my favorite camp.  For two reasons it was my first camp and the shear intimacy of it. Not many people were in attendance. There were only two stages and only a 5 minute walk from each other. Only the width of a road separated me from the main stage concert grounds! (Ultimately I would pay the price for this premo spot, each year after my camping spot got worse and worse).


The following year Camp Bisco VII added a tent stage. Even more artist were added to the lineup that include, The Egg, The New Deal, Younger Brother (Live), Lotus, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist. Camp started out with a mid-afternoon sound check with The Disco Biscuits beckoning its fans to the main stage with Home Again. Yes we were all finally home again! Finally seeing Snoop Dogg light up the stage was absolutely crazy!  For me The Younger Brother Live set was a mind altering experience. The pure fire that exploded out of The Disco Biscuits set one on Friday night left me grinning ear to ear even as I left Camp Bisco to go back to the real world.


The Camp Cyclone ripped its way through Camp Bisco VIII with a furry!  Bringing out campers and bands a like to get down in the rain. With The Disco Biscuits and the likes of Flying Lotus, Chromeo, Brothers Past, Ott, Dr. Fameus, Pretty Lights, Twisted All Stars it was sure to be a muddy downpour dance party all weekend long. Standing in the pouring rain watching Nas and Damien Marely left me in awe. The energy that was exploding on stage was magnificent! The Incredible music, great crowd, awesome neighbors, the Sammy sit in for a honky tonk version of Sound One, the return of Sister Judy’s Soul Shack would mark for the best time I’ve ever had at Camp Bisco.


Camp Bisco IX brought about some much needed changes. They had two main stages said by side in the main concert area, thus cutting the down time between bands. The tent stage was moved to higher ground for a dyer and less muddy of an experience (sort of). The Silent Disco was added to the hill stage for those wee morning hour ragers.


If all that was not enough, The Disco Biscuits brought us a stacked line up to throw down with. Starting Thursday night with LCD Soundsystem (My favorite show of the year)! Ween, Big Gigantic, Jeff Bujak, Girl Talk, Bassnector, Holy Fuck, Future Rock added to the epic madness of Camp Bisco IX. Friday night The Disco Biscuits dropped their biggest surprise of the weekend.  Complete with an epic set they unleashed the nastiest light show to ever have lit up Camp Bisco. Laser madness was born, lighting the stage and sky with brilliant color, that I am sure was seen from miles away.


For Camp Bisco X well over 20,000 fans made their way to the Tenth Anniversary Party.  Giving true meaning to “If you build it they will come”. And build it they did, going from 2 Stages in 2007 to Two main stages, the hill side stage, and two tent stages in 2011.  The Tenth Anniversary Party had Cut Copy, Ratatat, Four Tet, The Manhattan Project, Papadsio, Death From Above 1979, the first ever American performance of Shpongle Live and sadly The New Deal’s last Camp Bisco set.


For me Camp Bisco X was my least favorite of Camps I have attended. In my opinion it was one big hot mess. It was overcrowded and horribly organized. Worse camping spot ever, those who were in Camp Miami know what I am talking about. My tent and tarp were ruined. For the first time ever I left Camp not knowing if I would go again next year.


So with camp Bisco XI approaching I am still left with that feeling of should I or shouldn’t I????  I have made up my mind a dozen of times, each time changing it the next day. Is this the year Camp Bisco finally, gets Soulwax, Booka Shade, BPm, Normal Instruments? Will The Disco Biscuits pony up a 7th set of Friday late night Tractorbeam? Will they cap it at 15,000 people?  Is this the year I don’t go to Camp Bisco? We shall see, we shall see…..

Tickets for Camp Bisco are available here. If you have memories about Camp Bisco that you would like to share feel free to contact us at

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