Road To Elements Lakewood 2019: Six Hidden Gems More Than Worth Checking Out


So much room for activities! Sail our pirate ship on the lake, immerse yourself in the art of the forest, climb the rock wall, find your flow at our Wellnest, boogie at our stages to world class DJs, and so much more..Experience it all at Elements Festival May 24-27 in Lakewood, PA:

Posted by Elements Music & Arts Festival on Monday, March 25, 2019

This Memorial Day weekend some of the dopest names in dance music will come together in Northeastern Pennsylvania. BangOn! NYC will showcase its unmatched production and style at the third annual Elements Lakewood Music & Arts Festival.  As the weekend draws near, we’re diving deep into this year’s sumptuous lineup. We’ve already highlighted “7 Must-See Artists” and now we’re back to shed some light on a few incredible artists you may not be familiar with yet.

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Elements Lakewood is a dazzling one-of-a-kind party that goes all day and night, spread out amongst an array of vibrant stages. Each oasis of sound and color has a unique personality and sonic palette. Traversing Elements Lakewood is truly an unending musical voyage, and without the proper knowledge you could miss out on something magical. Luckily we’ve handpicked 6 acts that may have flown under your radar to highlight in this list.


Denizens of the underground will be stoked to see the inclusion of Malakai on this year’s Elements Lakewood lineup. The trip-hop and downtempo specialist is one of the freshest DJs and producers in the game. Destined for greatness, Malakai is a glitch visionary who walks in the footsteps of greats like Tipper and Spoonbill. A multi-instrumentalist who draws on a wide range of influences, Malakai is one artist that certainly shouldn’t be looked over.


An Incredibly well-rounded artist with scintillating swagger, Bandikook is one artist that blew us away last year at Elements Lakewood. Returning to the Theatre Stage, Bandikook has a versatile and infectious style all his own. We were lucky enough to witness this party-starters skills firsthand and showgoers of all persuasions will surely love his set.

Beat Kitty

Beat Kitty is an underground NYC legend. Her ability to blend sonic styles and exhibit mastery over countless genres makes Beat Kitty a tastemaker in the renegade world of bass music. As a true staple in the wild world of NYC nightlife and a festival favorite, Beat Kitty has carved out serious real estate for herself. Her sets are rife with global and timeless sounds, cutting-edge musicianship and a genuine badass ethos.


Choppy Oppy

Totally indescribable, Choppy Oppy is one of the most enigmatic names on the entire lineup. Characterized by left-of-center bass-fueled production, Choppy Oppy’s style bends away from the norm.  Slated for a big set at the Earth Stage, it’ll be fascinating to see what this bass maven cooks up.



Space Bacon

Jamtronica fans will rejoice at the return of Space Bacon. The four-piece Brooklyn based jam band smashed both their sets at Elements Lakewood last year and are set to do so once again this Memorial Day weekend. True masters of live improvisation, Space Bacon have all the talent for super-stardom. If you’re a fan of live music then be sure to catch this band’s set at the Earth Stage.

Agent Zero

Agent Zero is a fantastic project between three talented musicians. Fronted by Noah Selwyn, Agent Zero explores the boundaries between genres and offers an exciting brand of experimental bass and live instrumentation. Hailing from Philadelphia, Agent Zero will definitely draw a strong east coast crowd at the Theatre Stage.


Jabari Kefele

Back by popular demand.

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