Rusko Goes Wild On The Bounce Boat!

Last Friday night The Bounce Boat welcomed a cavalcade of experienced ravers, neon-clad bros, booty short brandished babes, and casual boat shoe wearing newcomers for a crazy night aboard the massive three floor luxury yacht  Hornblower Infinity. Droves of excited party goers of all ages, ethnicities and styles came together for a beautiful night of cruising around the Hudson taking in the gleaming lights of downtown Manhattan while ruthless bass echoed throughout the floating party. Upon boarding I could feel the excitement beaming off of every single person I met. Some were excited to check out U.K. Dubstep legend Rusko, others were excited to sit in VIP and sip on fancy drinks next to NFL players but most of us were just excited to party on a boat.

As my friends and I got acclimated with our bouncing vessel, it was hard not to feel a little like a boss as we explored the gorgeous interior of the Hornblower Infinity. The boat itself is cool enough to spend four hours on. With three different stages all equipped with their own impressive lighting and sound systems there was always somewhere to go and something new to experience. Each section of the boat had its own special vibe and atmosphere. The VIP balcony was full of sports jacket wearing types sipping on their drinks and posing for pictures, while towards the back of the ship you could whet your chops on deep house and hard-style. The energy of course was all centered around the massive main dance floor where heavy bass was the prevailing motif.

As crystal chandeliers hung high above the dance floor Subset locked into another one of his trademark eclectic sets that served as the perfect mood setter for the evening. As party goers socialized and got comfortable on the boat I learned quickly that this was a much better crowd than I had originally expected there to be. Everyone I met had an interesting story to tell or were wearing something fascinating. Girls hula-hooped and PLUR-soaked ravers exchanged kandi as Infuze threw down a vicious bass rattling set that I enjoyed on the Hornblower’s upper deck thanks to a fantastic outside speaker system.


All bets were off once the night’s infamously wild headliner Rusko hit the decks.  The madman of dubstep delivered a truly awesome set. If you have ever seen Rusko before then you know he likes to have a drink or two before he goes on stage, and while he is on stage and most undoubtedly after he leaves the stage, but nevertheless this was definitely one of his most polished sets. Rusko relinquished some tantalizing new songs  that ranged from his trademark spine-tingling dubstep tracks to some exquisite drum and bass that had my mouth watering for his next release. After showing off some of his newest tricks Rusko addressed the crowd saying “From the new stuff to the oldest of the old (laughs)” and then unleashed his epic remix of “Pro Nails” by Kid Sister. Rusko went on playing a few of his retro tunes that dated back to as early as 2007–08 and crowd favorites like “Everyday,” “Somebody To Love” and the original mix as well as the Sub Focus remix of his classic tune “Hold On” featuring Amber Coffman. During his mix of ruthless bass lines I thought to myself “I wonder if Mario Manningham is enjoying this up in VIP?” a thought I could honestly say I’ve never had before while raging on a dance floor. The best thing about a Rusko set is his unmatched energy. From start to finish the Englishman is going full tilt and that spark is insanely contagious.

After sufficiently leaving it all on the dance floor and basking in the afterglow of Rusko’s madness it took me a while to realize that the Hornblower Infinity wasn’t actually moving anymore. The Bounce Boat does what many parties wish they could do: let you forget where you are and what you have to do the next morning and just enjoy yourself. After getting my sea legs last week I’m definitely looking forward to spending the summer raging on the waves.

Check out all the craziness from last Friday in this fantastic album from our friends over at Razberry Photography! 

Did you miss Rusko? Check him out this weekend in Farmingdale, NY at the Fun Zone (seriously!). More details here!

Jabari Kefele

Back by popular demand.

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