Savant Impresses With New Album “Zion”.

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Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, has just released one of the freshest albums of the year. Savant’s multi-dimensional LP, Zion, is a genre defying testament to this rising star’s technical production ability as well as his artistic vision. Zion is an impressive 16 song album that incorporates everything from Bulgarian chanting to Hebrew and Arabic instrumentation emerging from this funkdafied digital stew, alongside melodic breakdowns inspired by Savant’s heavy metal background.

In this release Savant is able to splice various genres, from hair-raising dubstep to soothing progressive house, into a well composed and incredibly dynamic new sound that is all his own. Furthermore Zion is not simply a collection of headbanging party anthems to rip the nob off to. In fact, Zion was molded by Alek’s unique mind to fulfill one’s expectations and defy them simultaneously; it is a complex meditation on the interminable conflicts of the Middle East, but also reflects the sound of contemporary bass music culture. This is an album that certainly expresses a refreshing duality of cognitive artistic passion and energetic dance floor smashes; a combination that is not easily achieved in my opinion. Even the LP artwork, designed by Simon Stafnes, portrays many nations combined as a symbol of peace, speaking to the deeper and profound message found in this collection of invigorating tunes.

Zion was released on the December 13th and debuted 2nd on the very competitive iTunes dance charts; a sign that there are very good things to come from this Norwegian wunderkind. You can listen to and  grab Zion by Savant here on Bandcamp.

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