Sensible Reason’s Featured artists for Electric Forest 2015

Yes it’s true, it sold out in record time. And tip for the wise, hold out on purchasing from ticket stub until closer to the event because rumor has it that prices go down closer to the time of the festival (June 25-28th), so stick that $650.00 back in your pocket (yes that is a real estimate from stubhub).

That being said we recommend these four featured artists that will be at Electric Forest 2015: Shpongle, Dopapod, Exmag, and Phutureprimitive. From personal experience the Sensible Reason can assure that these shows will leave you impressed. Why?



Shpongle @Riviera Theatre in Chicago Il. 10.19.14 Photo by Sean Hersch Multimedia

Shpongle @Riviera Theatre in Chicago Il. 10.19.14 Photo by Sean Hersch Multimedia

No one is really sure how a word that doesn’t mean anything can sum up the idea of the music behind it by manifesting it’s definition in the sound of the word itself. Just say the name in your head, listen to the music, and you will probably understand what getting Shpongled feels like. He was present at the first Electric Forest in 2011 with the Shpongletron Experience (his 3d projection mapping stage set) which will not be present this year. He is chosen because of his music’s flexability between trance and psychedelic dance music, a perfect mixture for an interesting Sherwood experience. We also suggest keeping an eye on him as an artist, because the last album he came out with was Museum of Conciousness in 2013, meaning he is about due for another record, perhaps sometime after this tour?

Shpongletron 3d projection set at Electric Forest 2013.


Dopapod is a great mix between funk and jam. Not to say there wasn’t any funk at Electric Forest last year, but this year the funk is real with The Motet and Lettuce on the bill as well. Dopapod makes the list because they are a nice mix of improv and electro-funk, which is a nice transition sound between the extremes of jam and EDM. They came out with their new album Never Odd or Even last November meaning that by the time Electric Forest is here their new tracks will be well seasoned. Guest appearances are likely.



Exmag @Hyperion Music and Arts Festival, Spencer Indiana. Photo by Sean Hersch Multimedia 9.7.13

Exmag @Hyperion Music and Arts Festival, Spencer Indiana. Photo by Sean Hersch Multimedia 9.7.13

 We picked Exmag because the forest is a romantic festival and Exmag does a perfect job at capturing that perspective. The song “Tilt Mode” is a great example. The members are Eric Mendelson (Gramatik), Mike Iannatto, and Tyler Dondero aka SuperNicer started the project when they all lived in the same apartment. The group likes to spontaneously show up to places and play under their new identity, like the Electric Forest VIP set (video below) and at Hyperion Music Festival from the photograph above.


Phutureprimitive has been and will be touring with Shpongle up until Electric Forest with a brief gap in May. Phutureprimitive, like Shpongle, hasn’t released a full album since Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places pt.1 in 2013. As electronic music continues to explore itself, people will find themselves getting into niche groups within the electronic scene. Electric Forest has picked up on that quite well, as Shpongle and Phutureprimitive bridge the gap between downtempo and what most would consider as regular dubstep or drum and bass.

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