Sonic Bloom adds Shpongle Plus Dr. Bronners Magic Soap Experience (Colorado)


The Sonic Bloom festival (Colorado’s premier underground electronic music festival) has added two very interesting things to it’s lineup. The big news is the co-headliner who will be appearing alongside Tipper on the mainstage has been selected and it’s Shpongle! Yes, everyone’s favorite psychadelacist will be doing a DJ set, amplified by the largest Funktion-One sound system to ever be assembled in Colorado.

Amazingly, there’s also going to be an amazing Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap “healing hub” where you can chill, take a sauna, get a massage and get sprayed by wonderful smelling soapy foam to cool you down and clean you up. Don’t worry, all of this will be attached to a sound system so you can keep getting fresh while you’re getting getting fresh.

There’s also going to be something of a jam session called the Sonic Bloom Orchestra. It’s going to include (but is not limited to) EOTO, Break Science, Zilla, Dirtwire, ill-ēsha, Kaminanda, and saQi.

Sonic Bloom takes place in South Park, Colorado from June 19-22.

Grab a tier 2 ticket from the Sonic Bloom website before tickets go up to tier 3!

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