SR Track of the Day: Back to the Middle – The New Deal

In anticipation of the epic summer 2014 return of the jamtronica pioneers, today’s track is by The New Deal. “Back To The Middle,” off their self-titled album, is a perfect example of the trio’s prog-encrusted funk and quirky melodies. Carefully tailored electronic resonances, frantic keyboard solos, progressive guitar, and bass riffs are what they’re all about, so get your headphones cranked up, and feast on the sounds of The New Deal.

Sam Cohen

Sam Cohen’s desire to put the indescribable into words led him to his role as a music editorialist and social media manager for Sensible Reason. He joined the team in early 2014 after graduating from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Radio, Television and Film. Sam has produced big budget music videos, ran successful marketing campaigns and currently works in the digital marketing department of the nightclub Output. When he's not avidly exploring new music and festivals, you can find him studying intellectual property, internet, and media law at Brooklyn Law School. Join him on Twitter: @SamCohen913

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