SR Track of the Day: Duck Farm – The Werks

The Werks are a cutting edge jamtronica band whose extensive touring and unique live shows have garnered them a large following over the past 5 years. Check out this video of The Werks performing “Duck Farm” with the help of 9 GoPro cameras at Electric Forest last year.

“I like that word, eclectic, because it works for our name and who we are as a band. We are called “The Werks” after all. We’re a little bit of everything and you get it all with us. My favorite description came from a fan who told me that he loves coming to our shows because we rock out and give him that shredding he desires, but we also play dance music with an electronic edge and that’s what his girlfriend prefers. He loves that he can come to our shows with people who have different tastes than him yet everyone still enjoys themselves. For a majority of musical tastes, most people can get down with us. That’s why we can play a place like Camp Bisco, where there’s a strong electronic and EDM fanbase, and can do equally well at a festival like Gathering of the Vibes, where there’s a much more organic musical sensibility and a long history of purist jam bands. There’s something for everybody and we like that.” – Rob Chafin, drummer of The Werks (Interview from Joonbug)

Catch 3 days of The Werks at The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival

Sam Cohen

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