SR Track of the Day: Grabbers Holders – Tipper

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David Tipper is back with his first release since his open heart surgery last year. One full recovery later, Forward Escape emerges as another textured downtempo venture, a logical progression from Broken Soul Jamboree. This LP is a multi-faceted journey into Tipper’s brilliantly off-center mind, as it touches a kind of tangible musical physicality rarely heard or felt. A lush array of psychedelic jazz, unified glitch, ambient, breaks, trip-hop and various other electronic genres will lift you out of any negative head space and transport you into an inquisitive world of mystery and intrigue. These 12 tracks are chock full of surprises, unconventional techniques and subtle genius that will have Tipper fans rejoicing and ear-savvy newcomers asking why they haven’t heard of him before.

“Homage Slider’s” will rehabilitate you back into that smokey, glittering Tipper aura that permeates with such vibrant originality and technological suavity. Stream for free below or purchase Forward Escape here or here. Welcome back Tipper!

“Tipper is widely respected as a Surround Sound composer, releasing one of the first albums composed, produced, and intended for the DualDisc format, in addition to providing content for multichannel music industry leaders DTS, Inc.. His talents at sound design (his work is included in several of the major music making software programs[3]), and in digital audio mastering, are also in great demand. His catalog has been consistently licensed for use as background in a variety of mainstream television programmes,[4] and also featured in commercials[5] and cable television projects.

Tipper was ‘discovered’ as a teenager DJing in a London nightclub by soon-to-be manager Richie Warren. Their earliest conversations centered on bassfrequencies and rhythms underlying beats, and they began researching the science involved in creating the most effective dance music. Richie founded Fuel Records (UK), and Tipper released the first of several vinyl EP’s in 1997. Renault licensed one of these, Twister, for a European ad campaign. Soon thereafter, Sony UK signed Tipper to their fledgling dance music label, Higher Ground.” SOURCE: Wikipedia 

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