Staying Safe at Music Festivals

Music festivals are a fun place to let go and have fun. But while they can provide great experiences, they also have the potential to endanger your life. Music festivals, raves, and even Burner parties have a tendency to create a false sense of security and can lead to people getting hurt — or worse, dying.

Music Festival

That does not, however, mean that events like these are totally unsafe. Festival organizers are already taking precautionary measures to keep everybody in the event safe. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Visible security staff
  • Police on standby
  • Medical staff on standby
  • Taking out event insurance
  • Undercover detectives

Still, a false sense of safety and security can overtake any festival goer. Here are a few things you can do to stay safe when attending music festivals.

Never party alone
One of the easiest ways to stay safe at music festivals is to attend the event in groups. Being at a festival with friends is not only more fun, but this ensures that you can easily get help from someone you know and trust in the event that things go south.

If you don’t have friends that are willing to go party with you, make some friends by talking to people and introducing yourself. Associating yourself with a group or linking up with more than one partygoer can drastically increase your chances of partying safely, as your herd will be more likely to notice you if you go missing.

Use common sense
There’s a lot that happens at music festivals and it’s easy to get distracted by the loud music, large crowds, and many other things that are happening simultaneously at these kinds of events. Something as simple as keeping an eye on your belongings can be easily forgotten in such situations.

For example, if you know you get really rowdy and reckless when you get too buzzed, set a firm limit on your alcohol intake. You can even get your friends to help make sure you stick to your limit. The last thing you want to do is get very drunk, climb an art installation and suffer an injury from a fall.

Be careful with festival drugs
Festivals are often associated with drugs and other similar illegal substances. While this may not hold true for all music festivals, more often than not, drugs are present in many events like these.

As much as possible, try to stay away from buying, selling, or consuming drugs at music festivals. A lot of times, cops go undercover to catch drug dealers and users. Getting arrested and charged with a drug offense is the worst souvenir you can get from a wonderful event like a music festival.

While it would be best to avoid them altogether, the presence of drugs in music festivals cannot be helped. The next best thing to do, should you or anyone you know decide to take drugs at a festival, would be to do it the safe way.

A lot of pills are manufactured using chemicals that are not safe for human consumption. There are many fentanyl-laced pills that get handed out at festivals, or drugs that are sold as ecstasy but are actually stronger and more lethal drugs. Make sure to test those drugs before you take them. You wouldn’t want to end up OD-ing and have to hang out in the medical tent or hospital, missing out on the fun.

Music festivals are a fun experience, but it’s important to observe these safety tips to avoid any disastrous festival fails that might endanger your life or the lives of others.

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