Steve Darko Drops New Single “Touching Down In Bugtown” & Gets Ready For Dirtybird Campout [Interview]

Without question, Steve Darko has been one of the big winners of 2019. The Boston based DJ and producer continues to plant his flag as one of the hottest names in the world of house music. With a slew of hit releases on well-respected labels like Psycho Disco, Box Of Cats and most notably Dirtybird as well as performances at events like Elements Lakewood Music Festival and Nocturnal Wonderland, Darko has cemented himself as a festival favorite and chart-topper.

The Dirtybird standout has enjoyed a phenomenal year punctuated by the release of his critically acclaimed Lost Cause EP. Now with Dirtybird Campout just upon the horizon, Steve Darko has dropped yet another infectious new single entitled “Touching Down In Bugtown” as well as a scintillating Campout warm-up mix.

Earlier this year we caught up with Steve to chat about his hometown of Boston, the festivals he stills wants to hit and his early musical inspirations.

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Sensible Reason: Has house and techno progressed in your town of Boston?

Steve Darko: I think it’s getting better and house/techno is becoming more popular in general. Bijou and The Grand are the bigger Boston clubs continuously bringing in house/techno acts along with some smaller, more intimate venues like The Middle East.

SR: What places that you have been to have that House and Techno vibe that when they hear your music they love it?

SD: Detriot, Chicago, San Diego, LA, SF, Texas, Florida, NYC.

SR: I read about how you saw Claude Vonstroke and it inspired you to make the music you make now. How did you accomplish that goal of putting your music out there? How did you make it happen?

SD: I shifted my focus and production towards that Dirtybird tech-house weird glitchy sound. Before I was focused on more Trap and Bass, and I was like “I’m not doing that anymore, I’m just gonna make house music.”

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SR: What’s the reason why you didn’t want to make Trap or bass anymore?

SD: I like the House Techno scene much more. It’s a lot more fun and I feel like more mature. You can listen to it for 24 hrs and it doesn’t get old.

SR: Do you see yourself going back and experimenting with bass again?

SD: Yeah, probably more experimental and just like really weird more downtempo type stuff.

SR: I read that you are inspired by Hip Hop artist like Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre, do you use that inspiration towards your house music?

SD: Yeah Definitely. I sampled “Fried or Fertilized” from Flynt Flossy.

SR: How did you make it on to Dirtybird Records?

SD: It kinda just happened. I’m buddies with Wyatt Mashall who works for Dirtybird and he was my connection to Claude.

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SR: Do you ever see your self possibly playing at a Techno Festival like Drumcode or Awakenings in the future?

SD: Yes definitely, I would have to switch up my style, but I could definitely do that.

SR: So now that you have accomplished your goal of working with Dirtybird, what other record labels would you like to work with?

SD: I definitely think about that a lot. Lately, I’ve been working on more techno type stuff. I have an ep that I want to send out to Adam Beyers record label Truesoul

SR: When you play a certain genre of music for a while do you ever feel like you want to switch it up or progress and try something else.

SD: Yes, totally. I like Techno too and at a lot of my shows I try and play it but the crowd isn’t really into it. Some places yes, others no. It’s always a hit or miss. When it hits it’s great!

SR: Is Adam Beyer some of your inspiration?

SD: Yes definitely!

SR: So going back to Hip-hop being your inspiration and what you listened to back in the day, did you ever listen to house when you were younger and did you ever think you would be making house music of your own?

SD: I did not listen to it. I started getting into it in my early 20’s. I listened to some electronic stuff like Shpongle and Crystal Method. I put that on hold for a while and started experimenting with Dubstep.

SR: Can we find your Dubstep music anywhere?

SD: You can find it on Youtube, it’s under Darko.

SR: Do you base your sets off the places you go to, because I saw you in the west and it was a completely different set then your east coast set? 

SD: I usually have a handful of tunes I know I want to play during a set, but other than that I always try to go with the flow of what the crowd is vibing with. Always need to throw in a few wildcards to keep people guessing though.

SR: What is your Dream Festival to play?

SD: Shambala.

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