Street Ritual’s Global Glitch Compilation Album

street ritualElectronic music label Street Ritual  just released Global Glitch, a compilation of tracks highlighting truly fearless producers from all around the world. This 14 track album celebrates the global reach and love for music production. Listeners receive a collection of tracks curated from producers hailing from Australia to Russia to Canada to Poland (just to name a few!)

The album was created by Street Ritual’s label DJ and manager of two years spacegeishA. It is an homage and dedication to the global-aspect of the label’s audience and musicians.

Each track brings something as unique as its home country. In the track “Putrid” from Staunch and Goosebumpz we get a taste of deep, bassy synths. Languid, echoey moseying steps building up to dynamic bass drop.

From Hinkstep and ANIMATRONIX we hear something entirely different in their track, “And a Song for You”. Soft and dreamlike, this track is transcendental, gracefully taking the listener to another place. Like euphorically waking from an incredible dream. It features strings, synths and mellow percussion creating a beautiful sonic landscape.

Nocti Luca brings a beautifully composed track called, “Hang around in Eden”  featuring the peaceful sounds of a hang drum. The melody is complimented by whimsical, almost creature-like sounds. This is a highly dynamic track with a range of phenomenal tones.

These are only a taste of the gems on this album; this collection of tracks is a work of art. They take methods of production to a new, yet utterly organic place. They are both natural yet unheard before. Street Ritual’s press release sums it up eloquently, “Capturing the colors of the world through glitch fusions, each producer creates a mystical and emotive direction of gaze into the world’s mind’s eye. Journey into the awakening vision of Global Glitch meant to spark connectivity across continents through geometrical aural escapes.”

It is a pleasure to listen to each of these tracks. It connects the listener across the globe to producers that some of us may have never had the opportunity to discover, exemplifying the awesome connective powers of music.

Listen to the entire album here on Street Ritual’s SoundCloud. Feeling grateful and inspired? You can purchase it here. [Canada] [France] [Australia] [Canada] [Australia] [Canada] [Norway] [Australia] [Sweden] [Canada] [India] [Russia] [Canada] [Germany] [Poland] [Australia] [England]
compiled by: [USA]


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