Summerdance 2015: It’s Almost Here!

In just under a week, genre-melding post-rock quintet Lotus will return to Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville, OH for their seventh appearance at NLQP’s annual SummerDance music festival. In addition to the two nights Lotus will headline, the festival will also include a headlining appearance by the somewhat recently reunited electronic rock trio the New Deal. The two bands have shared the same stage at numerous festivals and shows, including a recent co-headlining appearance at nTelos Theater in Charlottesville, VA this past April. Lotus drummer Mike Greenfield and New Deal keyboardist Jamie Shields have additionally performed together with Sucker Punch, a jamtronica super group additionally featuring Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner of the Disco Biscuits. Will we see some all-star collaboration between the two groups? Only time will tell. The New Deal will headline the festival on Friday night, with Lotus headlining on Saturday and Sunday.


Though not officially Lotus’ festival, over the years Summerdance has become the de facto Lotus festival, reuniting Lotus fans across the country that have come to consider themselves family. If you fancy yourself some Lotus, you should experience this festival at least once in your lifetime. Should you attend, however, you very well may find yourself a repeat festivalgoer. The Quarry is nothing short of magical, and it will surely win you over with ease.

Summerdance will also feature performances by Luke the Knife, the funky nu-disco alter ego of Lotus guitarist/keyboardist Luke Miller, as well as Beard o Bees, the electronica solo project of Lotus bassist Jesse Miller. Boombox, the Beating (featuring members of Grimace Federation and Brothers Past), Slow Magic, Moon Hooch, Zoogma and several other acts fill out the bill of artists slated to play over the three nights of music.

Aside from music, Nelson Ledges offers a plethora of natural wonders to take in as well. Go for a hike and explore the rock formations, flora, and fauna of nearby Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park, meander through the forest, take a dip in the quarry lake, get some lakeside sun on the beach, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, take a leap off the cliffs into the quarry lake about thirty feet below. There’s no shortage of fun at the Ledges, so if you’re still asking yourself what to do this Labor Day Weekend, Nelson Ledges just may be your answer.

Find more information on the festival here, and a direct link to buy tickets here.

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