Symbiosis Preview: Desert Dwellers Live Experience

The stage lit up in a kaleidoscope of colors as performers descended from silk ropes and the ambient, down-tempo music of the Desert Dwellers filled the air. Watching the lights flicker from behind the duo’s DJ booth provided a unique view of a crowd enraptured by a blend of sensory stimulation carefully crafted by Tammy FireFly, Amani Friend, and Treavor Moontribe as “a psychedelic journey.” Tammy excitedly explains that they’re “creating a story-line utilizing theatrics, technical ability, music, and dance” that also gives the audience a chance to create their own narrative and meaning. The experience is meant to transcend the confines of traditional performer-audience relationships, and help people create a choose-your-own-path type of journey — where dancing, trancing, sitting, or even staring are all different forms of being present, and where everyone is involved however they choose to be.

Photo by Jamal Eid

Photo by Jamal Eid

Even if you’ve borne witness to the incredible visual displays, live performances, and musical set lists previously included in the Live Experience, Treavor Moontribe, one piece of the Desert Dwelling duo, lets us in on a little secret. “We will have a brand new show not seen at the DDLE shows we did this past May,” he goes on to preview a stacked list of performers to be included, “we have an incredible array of stage performers joining us led by Tammy FireFly, along with our vocalist Meagan Chandler, violinist HAANA, percussion by Craig Kohland, and flute by Jesse Hendricks. We’ve put together a new musical journey for this show – especially for Symbiosis – which will have some of our brand new, unreleased remixes, and also going back to some of our classics.”

Treavor is a longtime staple of Symbiosis, participating both with the Desert Dwellers and as his solo psy-trance set. “This is something I have done at every Symbiosis to date! Its basically a tradition for me now and really, its my favorite event in America to play this music. The line up they have for psy-trance this year is nothing short of astonishing with some of my very favorite acts lined up.” He wouldn’t divulge who his favorites are, but assured us that they’re the best from around the world and they’ll have Americans talking about their new found love for the genre because of this festival.

Somewhere between Cirque du Soleil and a spiritual journey, the Desert Dwellers Live Experience brings the festival experience to new dimensions, much like Symbiosis Gathering in general. It is the bridges that are built through music, art, performance, prayer, unity, and education that allow this festival to flourish in a way that is so uniquely itself. “It is the only US festival that really compares to the international festival scene, in that they have a great focus on Psychedelic music. While most US festivals are focused pretty much on different versions of the same line up, Symbiosis goes above and beyond to bring forth talent rarely seen in the US,” and this is coming from a well-known and traveled figure in the festival scene.

Photo by Jamal Eid

Photo by Jamal Eid

The praise keeps coming as Treavor applauds the festival, “nobody else does this, literally nobody, and although I sometimes wish others would catch on, it is nice that Symbiosis sits in a world of its own. They also have plenty of wild Burning Man style art and playfulness too, and that combined with the stellar musical offerings make for one helluva amazing time year after year after year!”

If you were thinking about sitting this one out, don’t miss it! Between Treavor Moontribe’s psy-trance set and the Desert Dweller’s Live Experience, along with all of the other amazingly talented artists involved, this year’s Symbiosis Gathering promises to be completely different from anything that you’ve ever seen, and there’s no reason not to tune in, turn on, and trance out with us in Oakdale, CA from September 22-25th.

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