Symbiosis Gathering: Oregon Eclipse, Collaborators, Ticket Sales

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The dust has settled from Symbiosis Gathering but the buzz around their next year’s event, Oregon Eclipse, is growing as the months roll by. Since 2013 Symbiosis was being held at Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, California and many people loved the venue. However, things are always in flux in festival world and change is inevitable. This past September festival attendees said goodbye to Woodward Reservoir as Symbiosis was held there one last time. From August 17th through the 23rd of 2017 Symbiosis will be held in Oregon at a completely new venue and they will be collaborating with some of the best festivals from all across the globe. Bass Coast Festival (Canada), Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Noisily Festival of Music and Arts (U.K.), Festival Ometeotl (Mexico), Origin Festival (South Africa), Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia), Re:birth Festival (Japan), and Universo Paralello Festival (Brazil) are all coming together to create an experience that already looks no less than mind-blowing.

If their announcement regarding their collaborators wasn’t enough to step-up the hype, Symbiosis also announced that Super Duper Early Bird tickets will go on sale on November 3rd at 11:11am PST. They will be on sale until 11:11pm PST and once that window closes tickets will not be available again until 2017. If you want to lock in next year’s experience and check the worry of buying your festival ticket off of your to-do list then it is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets when November 3rd rolls around. If you aren’t able to purchase tickets in a few weeks then check out the Oregon Eclipse website and fill out one of many applications to work or volunteer the event. The ways to accomplish your attendance for their event next summer are endless.

Symbiosis is an incredible event that meshes art, culture, movement, ceremony, community, and music into a perfect concoction. To say we’re excited for this event is quite an understatement. Their collaborators are big names in the game and have thousands of contributions to offer the Symbiosis family that we can’t wait to see. This is absolutely one event that you need to attend in 2017. Mark your calendars and don’t forget to purchase your tickets on November 3rd!


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