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Bisco Inferno’s Triumphant Return to Colorado

The Disco Biscuits are preparing to head back to the Mile High City on June 1-4 for Bisco Inferno 2016 after a full year away from Colorado! Since their New Year’s Eve run in New York City...

Road to Camp Bisco – Andrew Fisher

After seeing the Disco Biscuits in Colorado for Bisco Inferno, I was hooked. Everything about the trip left me wanting more Biscuits. Camp Bisco was around the corner and I needed to be there. I had never been to a music festival before and thought this was the perfect opportunity to pop my “festival cherry.” Unfortunately, I was stupid and frugal with my graduation money, spending it all on Bisco Inferno and other things that no one really needs rendering me broke; the chances of making it to Camp Bisco X were grim.