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The Weekly LGBTQ News: Issue #21

As Paris, France celebrated its 2000th same-sex marriage, one anti-gay activist had an outrageous statement about same-sex couples adopting children. Ludovine de La Rochère, president of La Manif Pour Tous, an anti-gay marriage organization, claimed...

The Weekly LGBTQ News: Issue #3

A court in Uganda has started hearing a case of two Ugandans accused of engaging in gay sex. Gay businessman, Kim Mukia, and transgender woman, Jackson Mukasa, pleaded not guilty in early February when...

Raja Ram Gets Lost in Sound

Just a few weeks ago, Shpongle played a show in the Israeli desert known as the Negev. Thanks to Lost in Sound, Sensible Reason was fortunate enough to talk with Godfather of Psy Trance himself, Raja Ram, and ask some follow-up questions about playing in Israel, his favorite musicians and more.